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Team Liquid Studios (TLS) is a Roblox group making games and got a chill Discord server

We will hop for scrolls and make private war servers

Star wars enthusiasts community ..Giveaways , Movie nights , Fun , etc

The SecretSlaying Network is an upcoming Server Community providing you with multiple popular Games with high-Quality Servers.

Looking for a server where you can talk about Linux and Mac? You are in good hands!

Game Rebel Esports, founded by twitch streamer PapaStanimus, is all about community, content and esports. We compete in 5 games, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, Fortnite, Modern Warfare, and CSGO.

hey there cadet! . *   ✦ .  ⁺   . ⁺ ⁺ wanna join an anime, gaming, and manga related server? well this is the perfect place for you! ⚔️ we have vc parties all the time! don’t be afraid to join :) ⚔️ and way more! (keep reading)

・ Bienvenue dans le 𝗡 𝟵 𝗚 𝗔 𝗡 𝗚・ Ce serveur a été créé comme but d'un serveur communautaire francophone et surtout chill pour jouer a différents jeux et des rencontres amicales.

This is THE OFFICIAL server of SunsetBot, created by ShootingStar#4107. If you have any features you want me to add, join this server. And stay here for bot changelogs, chatting, and announcements!

A discord that likes to play and talk about Apocalypse Rising 2 A game on roblox. We are a friendly community that also likes to talk about the game and provide groups to go out and scavenge the Apocalypse.

uh yeah yeah yeah yeah mhm yup yeah yeah yuppy

Chess Academy is a friendly, welcoming community for chess players of all levels looking to improve. We offer feedback and advice from stronger players, free lectures, tournaments, and lots more! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Super Mario Network is the only Mario server you'll ever need with a variety of channels, creative ideas and nice community for everyone to enjoy. Games with dedicated channels or categories: - SMM, - Mario Kart, - Mario Sports, - Mario Party.

We are Starting a small community which includes the largets platforms in the gaming world

PantA comes from a greek word that means "anything." Here in the server, we do not only settle with one topic but with various kinds that are represented by clubs!