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Weeb Spot server icon
Weeb Spot

Small anime and gaming community! Come join and have some fun meeting chill people with similar interests

Weeb Spot 52 members Join
Quarantine Squad server icon
Quarantine Squad

A chill fun and friendly place to meet and interact with new people around the globe

Quarantine Squad 187 members Join
The Super Elite Discord server icon
The Super Elite Discord

New discord trying to take off, If youre a big wrestling nerd, or just in general a sports nerd. Welcome home. Help us grow this community! And be feel free to be you :)

The Super Elite Discord 22 members Join
Pokemon World server icon
Pokemon World

A server to play pokemon in. Join, chat and have fun with lots of people. Our goal is to make it one of the most welcoming communities out there in discord. Join us and help us make it the biggest

Pokemon World 4 members Join
Dej Gang server icon
Dej Gang

A server made for a youtube dejcraft and a lore jjk game Cursed legacy

Dej Gang 304 members Join
Hopes Peak Academy: Ruins server icon
Hopes Peak Academy: Ruins

Hopes Peak Academy: Ruins - Danganronpa Emojis - Friendly Staff - Special Roles - Friendly Members - Game Nights - Accepting Of Every We hope to see you soon!

Hopes Peak Academy: Ruins 25 members Join
Literature club server icon
Literature club

the literature club is a safe space to share writing, poetry and other forms of literature with your friends! you can request feedback, give others feedback, chat with people and more!

Literature club 37 members Join
The Sea Realm server icon
The Sea Realm

Come Chill and make friends in the sea realm, a greek mythology and giveaway based server (we are general ppl too)

The Sea Realm 28 members Join
cosmo server icon

꒰ welcome to cosmo ꒱ + a SFW cute aesthetic server! + welcoming community + many self roles and boost perks ☆ join us now at discord.gg/cosmo ☆

cosmo 223 members Join
McGuire's Gaming Community server icon
McGuire's Gaming Community

Need a squad to play with? Need help getting to Affiliate on Twitch? You've found the right place! Come join and say what's up! :)

McGuire's Gaming Community 49 members Join
Ralph's something server icon
Ralph's something

This is AbiGaming8036's chill discord server! It has video updates and such for Abi's YouTube channel! And it also has loads of fun bots to keep you entertained and awesome people you can talk to!

Ralph's something 47 members Join
Rocket League Soft-aim server icon
Rocket League Soft-aim

Rocket league softaim the way it works is it moves your car in the perfect angle to make it in the goal 85% of the time. join the server (Note: this is still in beta and a bit laggy)

Rocket League Soft-aim 11 members Join
The Gamers Ranch server icon
The Gamers Ranch

The Gamers Ranch is a community structured around meeting new people and making friends within gaming.

The Gamers Ranch 9 members Join
Harry Potter and Hogwarts School server icon
Harry Potter and Hogwarts School

Discord Server for Harry Potter Freaks. Harry Potter and Hogwarts School by RTP is available on Telegram too, just search "Harry Potter by RTP". Main channel https://t.me/s/HarryPotterBackupbyRTP

Harry Potter and Hogwarts School 50 members Join
Wolfrex Gang server icon
Wolfrex Gang

We are a community made of many different options like gaming, fun level up systems, access to the rust server, and also public and private lounges.

Wolfrex Gang 30 members Join
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