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Hello, Welcome to Poggers, we talk about Games and Other stuff, We have 20+ Emojis/Emotes And 20 roles, We have Games VC and Text Channel About a lot of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Etc.... Join Today :D

you can join us or whatever 😏

just a server full of nice and funny people, we're bored and we sometimes have voicechats. always playing around with bots and games, we all love each other here ^^ all just for fun

This server is mostly for people who watch anime but everyone 13+ is welcome.

Just a place where gamers can all hangout and relax

A discord server to notify users when the NVIDIA GPU, AMD CPU and GPU, XBOX, PS5, Monitors, and Oculus Quest 2 are in stock

°Introducing Scotland Networks!! We are a new gaming community for the game Garry's Mod Police Roleplay, We are based from Scottish Laws and have many custom content. Join today! REALASTIC Bank Robbers, Drugs & MORE

Hello there, reader! If you are a kid/teen and you like the IT-sphere stuff, this is for you! We are a young community, designed for discussing interesting stuff concerning the IT sphere. Come in and feel like at home!😊

Oh hello welcome to our server 🥰 if you are wondering what you can do here I will tell you ☺ You can listen music 🎶 you can watch movies 🎬 you can play difference mini games 🎮 You can play among us👻 you can just relax and chill 💤

Latviešu GTA ONLINE serveris, lai kopā spēlētu un tusētu!

This is a a fun server where you can listen to music, hang out with new people, and play games, and we are looking to grow the server more. If you are interested to join the link is - https://discord.gg/puBVJEeG

Join this server for all (upcoming) discount codes on the entire Amazon platform, join for promo codes, from Apple to Samsung, Steelseries to HP, all brands pass by here! Feel free to take a look and try one of the codes!

Hi, we are the very unofficial Aperture Science discord server, its a Portal themed gaming server for all games and/or just to chat and meet people

Serveur discord brawlhalla regroupant la communeauté québécoise et francaise en un seul serveur petite communeauté chill et sympathique a seulement besoins de gens actifs :)

Hello everyone We are honored to have you on our server. Server Identification : The idea in short: a server that publishes famous

we are a server made by texas tech students we play a variety of different games. All gamers are welcome