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Welcome! Looking to roleplay? Well then, our server offers: - Roleplay - Active Staff - A D20 And A Freefight Fighting System - Many Forts And Outposts To Conquer - All Of The In Game Tribes For More Check Out Our Long Description!

Hallöchen x3 Hier auf dem Server ✰ chillvibes ✰ könnt ihr Zeug tun, seid cool, ja das war's und jetzt kommt drauf sonst knallts :)

Talk about games Talk with your friends Level up and unlock roles Play specially programed bots Make money (fake) and much more

♥ This is a chill server to talk to people and play games with them ♥ ♥ We are into Astrology so we talk about that ♥ ♥ Some of us like to read so we talk about books ♥ ♥ We help each-other with school work ♥ ♥ We play Bedwars, Roblox, and other game

๑⋆˚₊⋆ ୨ This is an aesthetic maid cafe themed server with a friendly and welcoming staff ୧ ⋆˚ 。˚⋆ Here, you can : Make new friends, talk about everything without being judged, vibe with the music in the vcs, use cute emojis and much more. ₊˚𓂃・

𝙒𝙝𝙤 𝘼𝙧𝙚 𝙒𝙚 We Are Chill Community. Giveaways & Merchandise. Nitro Roles & Special Roles. Ethical hacking and programming courses. Talkative members, same as active VC 24/7. Minigames, such as quizzes with prizes, where you can learn something

Hey, Ambitchious human ! 😊 ⛥⌒*゚ We are a 13-17 years old server who has two sides : ミ☆ SFW: where you can make friends, talk to everyone, date, play games  ✵彡 NSFW: where you can see your favorite stuff (you can't post your own nudes ...)

Do you want to be in a community where we plan game nights to play a specific game with a lot of people, where u can watch a movie or show with other people or just simply chat with people? Then THIS is the place for YOU!

We are a small but growing discord server about music! We support LGBTQ+ BLM and more. Come join! ALL genre of music is welcomed and encouraged!!

Chat ✔️ VC ✔️ Giveaways ✔️ Gaming ✔️ Tons of bots ✔️ So come join us!

We will build you a discord server, discord emojis, twitch emotes, logos, banners and more! Come on by to see prices. Some things are free to! We also do giveaways!

Here you can hangout with friends or make some new friends, Relate with people and play games. We accept people ages 9+ so try to keep it pg for the kiddies 🌸

A safe and welcoming place to connect and make new friends.

Welcome to Ari's Pub, a toxic free server with self roles and level roles aswell as unique channels to fit your interests. We have over 150 emotes and an economy for you to purchase roles!

| Kurama eSports | EST. July 2020 Kurama eSports helps underrated be the best!