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یکی از فعالترین چنل دیسکورد که میتوانید به گفتگو درباره بازیها کامپیوتری ، کنسول ، اندرویدی ، آی او اس و مشکلات بازیها پرداخته و حل کنید و همچنین نرم افزار ها کامپیوتری و اپلیکیشن های اندرویدی و برنامه ها آی او اس نیز شامل می شود.

Welcome to Costco wholesale parking lot! a server where you can be yourself and talk about anything :)

This of this server as a safe space :) Here, you can talk about whatever you want, listen to music, play server games, and listen to music!

Welcome to this kind community! This is also a fan community for It's Cxllin on YouTube! Make new friends and become new fans! <3 We don't ping a lot, we are hiring nice staff, we are a community server with discord and more! Join today!

Welcome to the PixelMountain discord server! This server is just a little chat room to talk about game development, anime, gaming, you get it (check out the info channel). Come stop by!

We are a new FiveM RP Server that offers one-on-one support and a friendly environment. We are recruiting for = LEO = Civilian Operations

Hello! This is an Undertale roleplay server fit for semi-literate roleplays+ we have the following: -35+ Roleplay Channels -Tupperbox -OC’s are allowed! -Verification 2-Step System -Active Staff! We love to have new members! Hope to see you there!

Join and help us praise the ogrelord! Shrek is all powerful! We need members!

CheapMC | CheapMC gta We are a Company that sells minecraft servers for a very cheap price We have: :Weekly Giveaways :Going to add skyblock and bedwars to our minecraft server, we have the cheapest minecraft servers!

Gaming server, mostly league of legends and among us, but we also host a wide variety of other games. We are inclusive of everyone and invite you all to play with us. Oceania based, make friends and play games. We also host game nights and movie nights.

Hello, I am AbruptEnforcement and I own a server called Cruise Customs. I create police, fire, and EMS vehicles for Grand Theft Auto V. If you wish to download and use some cool vehicles go ahead and join!

CURRENTLY GIVING AWAY: $40 M4 DESOLATE SPACE FN Welcome! Dreamland Trade is a CSGO trade server offering a great place to relax with skin connoisseurs and novices alike.

Gaming community, cheats and exploits. come check us out

Looking for a chill place to hang out and do random things? Look no further. Join The Hangout now! It has many different bots that you can mess around with and non-toxic mods!

Discord server focused on investing! With over 70,000 members, paid analysts, consistent community support we will teach you to become a better trader! You will learn to see things you haven't before!

Welcome to the Midnight Bar! The Midnight Bar is a server to talk about life, goals and skills with people all over the world. 🍷✨ (Preferably in the midnight) 🌃🎻