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LSSR- Official Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic server. A safe server with rules and friendly people ! Here you can make some gaming friends or just friends, you can also raid enemies, and serve our country at the same time ! join us now !

Join us to play with other Among Us players to vote out the imposter.

[ëL1T] Gacha Gaming (OPTC, SDSGC, Dokkan, KOFAS and more!)

Polski serwer wsparcia dla języka Discord.JS.

The Among Us Hide N Seek community is happy to meet you, this server is meant to connect to strangers or friends to play Hide N Seek in Among Us.

This is a server that is based on a community. It is a server that is run by the community that allows you to do what you want.



Hi! We are EuroTavern, a brand new European political server that prioritizes being a community. Join us to make more friends from Europe or abroad, have fun and chill with others, post memes or just talk.

⎯☆We are a community of thigh lovers that focuses on anime, Genshin Impact, and Girls Frontline.☆⎯ We will host fun events including anime movie nights, game nights, and others! Our server also has occasional giveaways for prizes including Discord Nitro

Have fun and meet people!

We are a BIG community of wonderfully weird people Our #1 priority is to make it a safe place for everyone! Where people are free to share their concerns and open up to others! For the safety of our members we are a 16+ only!

this is a discord server where you can casually talk with kpop buddies and promote your twitch with fellow twitch streamers! you dont have to be involed in kpop to join! <3

Super herní server.

10X Nitro Giveaway Soon!

Welcome to official Kingdom of The ARK discord. Owning it streamer with name Pestynka on Twitch! Host servers Karnetin, old owner World of Small Tribes and Classic ARK.