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This is a interesting, cool, funny discord server!

This server is all about rocket league and trading so come join and Iā€™m sure you can find someone to trade with! We trade on all platforms Xbox,pc,PS4.

Dari Jawa Untuk Jawa Dan Indonesia

just a jojo rp server i made i will ad a lerger desciption when moer things happen

welcome to val's playhouse! you can roleplay, use the fun bots, or just chat! enjoy your stay!

Bureaucracy is an American Mock Government which starts in the year 2020 where you can be a member of the US Government, either a member of the legislative, judicial, or executive branches! Shape public policy to your image when you participate!

Valve Corporation, also known as Valve Software, is an American video game developer, publisher, and digital distribution company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

Welcome to The Pride a server for the OG's Cubs who been a fan of LionMaker for so so long so here's a FAN club server for people to come and find us on everything to stay connected!

This is a amazing community made for the music side of discord.

We are a 21+, Fun, Chill, Smoke & Relax server, A place where everyone is welcomed to relax smoke and be happy!

[ITA] šŸ Lost City 2.0 šŸ | šŸ’§ Ambientato in America šŸ’§ | šŸ“ƒ NOT Whitelisted šŸ“ƒ | šŸ“¦ Script&Mappe CUSTOM šŸ“¦ | https://discord.gg/BuVtAWnCXM

Dripped is a very chill place to kick back hangout and play video games. You don't have to be any certain age and you can play multiple games and talk in multiple different gaming voice channels. We want to have a strong and fun community so come on!

We talk about any Haikyuu ships you want to rave about and celebrate all Haikyuu characters, even the lesser known ones! Kagehina, Daisuga, Asanoya, Kurotsuki, Ushioi, Iwaoi, and a bunch more- you name it. The name of the game, sweetheart <3

~-~-~2SLGBTea~-~-~ - Safe space for 2SLGBTQ+ folks - Fun Bots -You can vent about dysphoria and other LGBT issues -Fun art channels -Get tips from fellow 2SLGBTQ+ people -And most importantly, fun, active, people to talk to!

R6 server for finding ranked stacks, comp teams, watching R6 content from YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to watching PL and other comp leagues with people but more importantly make friends and chill with people.

Server for freely available educational resources. Covering different topics and focusing heavily on IT and Cybersecurity.