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I want this server to be educational on MBTI, I also want everyone to feel welcomed, but at the same time, be able to have in-depth debates/discussions on sensitive topics where you can learn a thing or two from.

Join QUASAR! * Gamenights/movie nights/events! * Cool community you can call a family! * Loads of channels and activities! * Partnerships for streamers and content creators! * Events and activities to gain roles!

A Hangout Server to Talk and Make Friends

coffee? tea? how about milk! Hey! Pleased to meet you. My name is Lemon and i am inviting you to join the social cafe We have- ⭐️pen pal channels ⭐️journaling channels ⭐️inspirational channels ⭐️a place to share your creations ⭐️and much more

With our server when you join you will not regret it. You can play games like pokécord, Dank memer and much more to come in the future so when you join we will get more people and staff and games. So do yourself a favour and come join and talk!

Just a group of aussie guys looking for a game or two

The main goal of this server is to communicate with other people and have a fun time. we are very active and down to play or talk. Please be willing to join

Emergency Services Honored is a community focus on supporting and honoring the officers, firefighters and paramedics over the globe! We give updates on fallen officers, firefighters and paramedics and host events within the community!

The House of Magi is a group roleplay server that welcomes any and all to join! We only ask that you read and follow the rules.

Purple's Club is a discord server where you can do things like play, chat, listen to music, make new friends, and a whole lot more!

Grattoir Fan group is the server for Grattoir's Fans. Please join and Subscribe to Grattoir. Link is in #channel.

Chill among us friendly server.

Aurora Ent. is a new roleplay server! We offer partnerships, many roleplay channels, and friendly members. We are not just an idol entertainment, we also debut actor/actresses and models.

Great server where you can climb the ranks as well as create your own breath and character.