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Roblox, New server, Need people

This is a SFW AGRE, PETRE, System, and LGBTQ+ friendly server with many different reaction roles and activities. This server is a great place to make friends that are like you!

Join the Democratic Republic of Konstanzia! We're a new server with an economy, government, and justice system all built from the ground up. Get in while we're new and carve out some influence, or join us and chat with our long time core community!

Skyside Roleplay Server is a Fivem/Cops Vs Civs server for Xbox. This server has a custom economy (jobs and banking), gangs, street racing ext. Dont miss out and join the fun now!

Kreamery is a fun, social, KPOP server, where you can talk about anything you like. We here at Kreamery are fun and nice to talk to and we promise you will not be disappointed when you join!

Welcome to ChillStorm! A fun and friendly server for chatter.

Weed Emoji's Just green emoji's Join to get Weed Emoji's with your Nitro

We need members.

Sever for horny people LGBTQ Gaming comics Hentia and more

An RP Community with multiple Factions to join, all fighting for dominance in a Medieval landscape!

Get N or get out! Welcome to the Discord server for all Nintendo 64 discussion, support, collecting, emulation, resources, and more! We have a custom bot, plenty of server emojis, and a nostalgic community for the greatest gaming console of all time.

Go Join Space X Aesthetic Server Community !

This server has been partnered by the official "Bobux creator group" This server has its premium stats, Feel free to let me know some bugs!

TSM discord server


Hello! You may want to join in this server. There can be topics like games, animes, etc. There is also an nsfw channel where you can send any nsfw or 18+ content like hentai. Please read the long description.😁

YO discord server


Ko ni chi vu~a. I have new server..there are 19 members now, but I want have a lot of members so please join! This is really great choice, because we will be active, we know a lot of anime and also we're playing games like roblox and more.

Ever wanted to be part of something u love? If yes, our crew is what ur looking for