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Welcome! Join us to know the latest news and to discover our next game! And let us know that what would you do if you were in Dipod's shoes?

A cool community of cool people who appreciate the surrealist masterpiece that is Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room'.

HaileyBot is a multipurpose bot with many of the 'standard' commands, but what makes her truly unique are her one-of-a-kind features that you never even knew you needed.

Hi! Wanne join a server thats involved in memes? We have amazing commands like: $cursedimage Will show a cursed image $meme Will show a random meme from reddit $joke Will tell you a unfunny joke! $dadjoke ofc its a dad joke!! $programjoke

BiFrost is a EPIC RPG Bot based server, we have our own economy and may server perks that will keep you here forever.

This is a server for the Youtuber Cuocs who makes Basketball Video's and edits.

K9SW KRAFT is a free to join, open to all, Minecraft realm. There are minimal Rules, Raiding Is Allowed. You can go off on your own, of find a clan of partner to team up with, it's all up to you!

A Games Community on Discord!

Hello everyone! Here's the link to a fun, pretty active roleplay server which has a great community. You can roleplay as a magical character who attends either high school or college. We have an in-school and out-of-school section.

Escape to a Fantasy World in this Award Winning Indie MMO

A terrible server with 10 dead channels lmao

Welcome to the home of Psychedelic. We discus our drug experience and drug recommendations for different feelings. best platform to get benzodiazepine opiods cathinones psychedelics and have it delivered to you safely and discreetly.

This Is A Server Of Ak47IsMe_Yt With Legit GiveAways! Drops! And Invite Rewards!

Server for 13-18 to chill and hang out. Travis Scott inspired aesthetic. LGBTQ+ friendly.