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A discord server dedicated to Game dev and fun!

Crush is a server where friends can hang out, relax, listen to music, game together, or play with our game bots!

Come Chill and make friends in the sea realm, a greek mythology and giveaway based server (we are general ppl too)

Just a nice little place to hangout

euphoria - a feeling of well-being or elation

Welcome to our mighty kingdom! Here you will have opportunities to become part of the high society by respecting our 10 basic rules that are easy to follow! Our server is small and just starting out, but we hope you will join us in our growing kingdom!

A server for chatting, memeing and role-playing. A YouTube channel will later be based on this server.

The Loser Club is a small discord community that get together and help each other. A lot of us are streamers/youtubers but there are also people who just play video games or just want to chat with people.

this is a useless sever its bad so don't join

The Ales Server is a server for all pokémon fans! You can have a chat with fellow fans, trade, battle, and we even have our own league! Feel free to have a look!


Ein chilliger Server mit: -selfroles -sympatischen Leuten -vielen Bots -Bei 100 Mitglieder Giveaways TURN UP !!!

We are a new server searching for members who would like to join our family. If you are interested, feel free to join. We welcome anyone. We focus on the old mafia and mob things, such as bank robberies. We have lots of cool emojis.

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