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Auf meinem Discord kannst du mit anderen über Gaming oder sonstiges Reden! Erstellt Spiele und teile diese auf meinem Server!

Discord for adults to discuss fandom and fandom meta!

Polski Serwer do Rozmów i Gier Zapraszam Serdecznie

AP Study Server 📚 Active 24/7 💬 Free Tutoring 👨‍🏫 Live Study Sesh 💯 Study Buddies 🤝 Social Nights 💞 Chill VC 🔊 Giveaways 🎁 & more!! 🔥

Hey you! Want to have some fun, meet new people, play with new friends and possibly learn how to solve the Rubiks cube? Then this is the right server for you!

Small growing server to find & make friends.

We make graphic designs, video editing, bot creation, server creation, YT managing and more! We gurrantee 100% customer satisfaction with freindly staff and a semi-active server

The AloedeVera Garden is where you'll find gaming, community-building, and chaos all in one!!! We also stream on Twitch so come on over and chill with us!!!!!

Have ADHD or any comorbid disorders? Like Dungeons & Dragons or any other ttrpg? This is the server for you! We offer a safe space first, lfg and d&d discussion server for members who want to play with others like them. Join us!

For people who like anime, manga, kpop, video games and more.

I am a trusted mod menu seller, I have plenty of vouches in my server to prove that just come stop by I also have an open chat for everyone to be able to talk in!

CloudliteMC is a brand new Minecraft 1.16 server looking to release its first 100% fully custom OP Skyblock server! We plan to release in early 2021 and anyone who is in our discord before official release will receive a FREE donor rank for joining!

0zies Atticis a discord ive created for my followers/subscribers to come and message eachother and me.

A server dedicated to call of duty mobile

Futaba is a social and pfp/icon server consisting of 5 staff members (including me). We occasionally host events like game nights, anime nights, or movie nights. The server is still under heavy development, so bear with us.

Are you a retro gamer on twitch? I am looking for the best retro gamers to bring the retro gaming category to the top of twitch's listings and make partner for us all. If you win game after game join me as we rise!