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A nice server with fun bots and a large web of connected branches. Temporarily work in progress, but finished servers are available as of now.

🌸 Welcome to Vibe Village 🌸 Join the other villagers!

This is small edgy server full of friends. It's kinda of dead so we are looking for people from around to make the server active for most of the day.

Every two weeks a language looses it's last speaker, but all hope is not lost, if a community of speakers of extinct and dying languages emerges it can be saved, witch is what this server want's to do

The official AprixStudios Discord Server

Hello! Welcome to jellycord! Created by your host, JellyOsaurus.

A cool server to join

fun, sociable server with many self-assignable roles and interest channels!

Jinx [18+] is an adult community that promotes general welfare and community. This server has a lot of cool features and activities for new members to discover! We love the idea of promoting self positivity, but we also like to meme a whole bunch.

Utopian Capital is an up and coming Nitro/PayPal giveaway server, currently we are trying to gain members in order to fund the giveaways, if you could join that would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Hello. This is a female only server. I am an insanely submissive guy looking for dommes to join and degrade the hell outta me, humiliate me, abuse me, have me worship them and mess around. Willing to explain more in detail, just shoot a dm. plz join!

Quantum Fire is a server with lots of cool stuff like: - MEE6 level up system - A cool soundboard you can use whenever you feel like it - Lots of cool channels - Self Advertising - Much More So why don't you join?

The official Discord server for Xcognito's YouTube, Twitch, and all other platforms.

We are a brand new server! Here our big focus is on trying to connect gamers who play on all consoles and even PC. Everyone who likes to game is welcome! Not only that but we have some off topic channels, fun bots to play with, and fun voice channels!

We are a friendly community eager to meet new people! Our server is rapidly growing, and we have an excellent staff team, 24-7 live support, weekly events and more!