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The Fortnite Fish Clan is a clan made by FlopperPrincess and is a clan that will welcome you to the clan freely :)

Hello! The LGBT++ Lounge is an LGBTQIA++ friendly community server! It’s fairly new but we are all friendly people. Reaction role assigning, bots with games, fun channels, sfw flirting, music, and etc. We’d love it if you stopped by!

Do you like voice chatting on discord? How about meeting new people? at Bee's Knees we have various channels to partake in such as; ASMR, Public Radio, a Cafe and more! I look forward to meeting with you, - Big Cheese

Emojis for nitro users to use all across discord.

UWU discord server


A small new nsfw server for people that love cum. Loads of things will be added eventually like currently there’s a server slut UwU but join and invite your friends.

Speak easy in a place for people of all places to talk about what they want to where they want to. All people from all countries are invited, speak your mind!

Fun place to chat and catch pokémon on different pokébots. Giveaways of different pokémon every week. Events that are fun for all ages. Hope you will enjoy this server a lot!!!!!!

A small steven universe roleplay server. Hybrids are closed off unless you have owner permission. Focuses on character building and interesting plots that haven't been overused and beaten to death.

Official DJD3PR3SS3D Discord Server Producers,Vocalists/Rappers,Fans,Photoshop,and just to chill? This place is perfect for you Plus we got beans

--------- +Hey are you looking for a new server to join and hangout? 🌺 +Then why not check out Kiyosushi! +This is a pretty new server but with our friendly staff, and an assortment of bots why not check it if it interest you. Join Today!🌺 --------

A place to come and chill and have fun

If you aren't crazy, don't worry. We'll train you! If you like to game or just talk, we're your people!! We're a community of friends just looking to have fun, play games, or just crack some bad jokes at each other.

Buzz! Hello, and welcome to Humble Bumble! Our server is a safe place for all, and is avaliable to anyone!

Enjoy crypto chats, music, games and singing at the same time.

OFFICIAL DISCORD FOR DBK ESPORT TEAMS | FORTNITE, CSGO, ROCKET LEAGUE, ROE Other games are also played for fun, join us or meet new friends to enjoy co op and multiplayer games!

Tranquil Living is a hangout with a buncha optional roles, updates, and all that jazz.