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Public FPS and Elite Gaming Community - Tarkov, CoD, ARK, Etc.

An online magazine filled with short stories written by its members. Includes interview and articles about the business of short story writing.

A friendly, political based LGBT community

A server dedicated to creating a friendly but competitive puzzle-solving environment!

Official Davie504 Fan Server! If you like Bass,Memes or Music. You'll love this server. It has caring and welcoming members. Giveaways for almost everything.

For all your idol/band hell needs!

This is Dilioran, a active and fun server to hang out with all of your friends on, we have great bots, friendly staff, and an active community.

This is a nice hangout to talk with others and make friends! You can also VC while gaming or speak another language. 1 . --

The Communist State of discord is a community where we will do giveaways, role play, raids on people (hush hush) and express our true inner Communists!

A server dedicated to light gaming, general conversation, and sharing of art, music, and writing.

This is the Official server for Elele.Team. We're an online-gaming clan/community, you can meet new friends play games or just generally chat!

this is just a chat, gaming, meme server for people. no cursing because little kids might be on so shut up.

a smol channel for all you memesters 😎👊

this server is for gaming , advertising tech music anime and more

🌸 Hello! Want a join a slowly growing casual gaming server that's all inclusive and no BS? You've looked in the right place! We are a friendly server just trying to bring everyone together for a good time! Hope to see you there 💕

Come hop in our server. Meet new people interact with them. Find new friends or maybe even a soul mate.