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This is the official Kenny Hotz from Kenny vs Spenny Discord server! Come join Kenny and have a great time with the other fans.

V1olets discord server!

Server Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XhtS9RF Help us get 500 members!! What we offer? - Make new friends - Interact in the Voice Chats - Monthly Giveaways - Everyone is welcome!!

This is a Server where you can talk about a lot of cool things like Android and Phones!

. (\ (\ . („• ֊ •„) ━━O━O━━━━━━━━━━━ Cookie Palace is a community who cares about you!

Aesthetic emotes, open-minded, family orientated. Mess with one, you mess with us.

Midnight Chasers [Roblox Car Community] [We're sub-group for Midnight Chasers, not the main. You'll be given additional information in our sub-group on how to join our group.]

An INCREDIBLY small server with a focus on the wholesome. First 20 get the OG role! Feel free to join :)

Where Destiny 2 players can come hangout and play.

Do you have a VR head set? Do you have gorilla tag installed? Do you enjoy playing gorilla tag competitively? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Join us and talk to fellow gorilla tag enjoyers, start a gorilla tag esports team, or play fun rooms!

Indonesia Biggest Gaming Community

FPQ discord server


Busy trying to build a fun gaming server while trying to promote streamers and youtubers as much as possible :D Please do feel free to join for generally geek-ness :D

Hello and welcome to Chill Heaven! We're a fun, down to earth community where you can talk about any and all your interests and make new friends! Open to all ages!

Small server just there to chat and chill and play some games talk about anime play lotta League/Siege atm

this server is for genshin impact players to get to know more players, to play together, to exchange infos and to talk about it in general!! we also have channels for other fandoms, so you don't necessarily have to play genshin impact. :)

This Discord Server is specific for DataHoarders coming from Switzerland. We focus more on swiss deals about SSD, LTO Tape, HDD, NAS/DAS, Software, Thunderbolt Devices, NVME Enclosures, etc.