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Come join today to possibly get staff! We accept any platform. We are a GTA 5 Roleplay community!

Just a random server to chill and to have fun with others. We have multiple bots like Dank Memer, MEE6, OwO, TacoShack, etc. You can also use these bots to compete against others! This server was also made for my Twitch, but you don't have to look at it.

Hello!! Are you a Five Night’s at Freddy’s fan? Well I am!! So I created and inclusive fnaf server and it took a lot of effort We have: •a role for every animatronic + some extra characters •Specific channels for each character •We are LGBTQ+ safe!!

The Wholesome Cave is a small, growing community that aims to make its members feel welcome and loved!

Ciao a tutti, siete benvenuti nel mio server.

粉紅色. . . . /WELCOME/

UwUGalaxy is a Discord server where everyone can socialize, meet new people, game with people, hear some music, share memes, roleplay...

We're a new, friendly, open-minded server, actively looking for new members. Are you next to join?

Lots of fun people and bots to play with. We game and talk and study and do whatever we want here. Join!

Hey! Welcome to owo bird's realm! We offer a variety of fun bots, (Pokecord, Dank Memer, and our own custom bot we are developing!). We have really nice members, and everyone will make you welcome!

Memes,cool fun bots,custom roles,NSFW and most importantly a friendly community

Advertise your servers here non-stop! You can also find new communities here!

We play games, mostly overwatch.

This is a role play server sets on 2 pairs of paradise islands called The Isles. Here on the islands ERP is allowed and encouraged, but it by no means the only way to role play on here. Our community is very positive, accepting, and friendly for all.

A chill server made entirely for Rainbow Six Siege

The HUD is for Gaming and Nerding out.