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Comunidad de juegos no toxica y amigable


luv hurts official is focused around the music collective luv hurts. this server gives members the opportunity to discuss music and collaborate on songs with other members. the server is mainly focused on hyperpop/cloud rap but all genres are welcome.

We hope you join this gaming server . Mostly we play among us or we chill and talk and enjoy and meet new people . Are server is great for meeting friends and gaming .

A new anime themed server for those who are looking to share their interests and hangout with people just like them. We host watch parties and events every week, and we host game nights too! So what are you waiting for? Join Otaku!

We are the kitsune lounge A smol server of friendly furs A place to be your self and show off your personality

Mycology/Psychedelic themed server. Discuss your experiences or others, discuss mushroom cultivation and learn new techniques

https://youtu.be/ODqYQXOpg1c ⚜Poetic Rhyme⚜ 🎶Lyrical Junkies 1🎶 🔆Rhyming Freaks🔆 🕯Poetry Addicts🕯 🏘Writing community🏘 •◇•Discord server where writers can meet new writers and grow from one another•◇• https://discord.gg/CyKUcMy

Hey, this is where people stream, chat, live stream, share and etc!

Our politically and socially oriented community's goal is to bring you freedom of speech with the least amount of limitations possible!

Our server is a great place to be and everyone here is super friendly. Our main goal is gaming but there are plenty of other things to do as well like an economy. We take all suggestions and anyone is free to join even if they don't play video games often

A fantasy roleplay where you can forge the stories and world you roleplay in.

RoadToPetabyte: DataHoarding Tools and News for DataHoarders from DataHoarders

Get ready to join a cozy community, ready to theorize, discuss and enjoy Marvel with you. We can't wait to have you join us in obsessing over the latest content the MCU and the comics have to offer (and the unforgettable past moments too!).

We are an International Anime Community Server based in India.