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Ez a szerver katonai RP-re, beszélgetésre, gaming-re, valamint kiképzésre lett kitalálva. Itt minden megtehetsz amit egy katonaságnál megtehetnél. Egy jó közösséget szeretnék kialakítani amire aktív, és beszédes embereket várok. Gyere nézz be hozzánk.

Заходи если на тебя все забили и нескем поиграть\поговорить!!!!

Come one, come all down to Sin's Gaming Bin! We are a growing community looking for members and staff! We have a ton of gaming communities we support from Among Us, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing!

🔹 We are a small Social Gaming Community that is currently looking for new members to play with, hangout with or usually just talk to. We treat everyone like a family with pure respect. The server is non-toxic, so we require our members to be respectful.

☆The Hangout Spot☆ is a chill, friendly, judgement and hate free server where everyone can feel welcomed. In Hope's to build a large community for everyone to be themselves and make new friends with similar interests.

Have fun with other people by chatting, playing mini games, looking at the memes etc.

Server, No Language ban, Most games except fortnite, always on.

Looking for an active, fun-loving and welcoming community? Guild of the Phoenix is committed to offering users an accepting and comfortable experience where members can enjoy a chilled atmosphere.

✨Type Warfare is a Yu-Gi-oh! server for general dueling and includes factions based on the different monster types. We will also be hosting a range of tournaments.✨

im looking for a group of about 20 people ages 13-17 for my discord. it would just be a small group of people that play among us together and chat, but the idea is we make friends and play together often : )

This is a cool server for younger people ,and the older people. Mostly chill and vibe find people that like the same thing talk about the good things or bad things , spill some tea. We will allow 12 year old' at the youngest and 30 year old' at the oldest

A server for dank memer bot and chill, talk.

Welcome to the beta version of the server of NeoOrbis, a project that plans to build the world in the style of another dimension, everything will have to be organized slowly but surely, but it's possible to accomplish!!

₊˚ learning japanese? ₊˚ want to speak in japanese? ₊˚ want to meet people with similar intrests? 『 come join us in cafe tokyo! 』 what we offer: ꒰ language help channel ꒰ friendly community ꒰ fun and helpful bots

This is a server where you can meet new people, make friends, play with bots, and discuss your interests. Stop on by, we don't bite!

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