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Hello! My name is Ques, and lets just cut to the chase. I make a variety of YouTube videos and im trying to grow more and more! I made this Discord server for my community, or anyone else to have fun and become an active community. so come join us!

An exclusive Midi Server for Music Makers

Are you searching for a companion to rank through your favorite game or just casual gaming ?

₊˚๑ ꒰⤐꒱┊ʚ hey ɞ feel free to join my animal crossing server if you're addicted to the game like me.🌸 ˗ˏˋplease read the long descriptionˊˎ˗ ₊˚๑ ꒰⤐꒱┊ʚ see you ɞ

Un serveur discorde créé par des bénévoles, ciblés sur l’Entraide et la Création de serveurs Discord pour la communauté francophone.

Join this server. You will be happy once you do.

Just a new server looking for members the server is basically for weebs and gamers and for people who are looking for friends

Infosec, Cyber Security, Infosec Community, Cybersecurity, NL, Dutch, Digital Security, CTF, OSCP, Learning, Bounty Hunting

We are still a relatively small server and we are happy about every member. We privide various software, games and drumkits. In addition, many chats for the community. Go check it out :D

We are a friendly server that just recently started and we are looking for members. If you dont know me i am Nyanz from tiktok you can search me up: Nyanz__. Please consider joining soon!

A clan for furrys and non furrys.

Looking for a fun, non-toxic community to have fun in? **Look no further than the Cat Squad!** The Cat Squad is a cat/dog themed server, but if you don't like pets, we'll let you in anyways ;) It's not just pets, it's also anime, gaming, and a lot more