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It a new sever that I just want to make new friends on and get people together

edgy & toxic af, don’t be sensitive>:(. semi-active + self roles & colors

This server is just to hangout ig, we play CS:GO, Valorant, Mincraft, and some other games. Just a place to have fun while playing games is the best way to describe it :) (just be aware we prob aren't kid friendly 99% of the time)

This server is a place for ideas and thoughts to come together and have fun! There is plenty to do, ranging from role-play to among us! (🚨PLEASE NOTE🚨 users must be 13+ to join) I hope you decide to join us here at the Playground!✨

Here at Akari Accounts we sell Food, services, entertainment, and gaming accounts. And we strive to be the best! Check us out.

Join please the owners are very shy and we need friends (:

just play games and make friends

join us! we're a sweet, supportive and bookloving community! we accept everyone here!

A server for people who're searching for new friends and want to play a game with them, you're more than welcome!

A community server for Blue colour.

Gods locked away and used for the use of the people. Kings, Queens, all royals are corrupt deep down, using them for their benefit. What will you do? (DARK THEME RP)

Hosting worldwide events including giveaways, tournaments, leagues and so much more! Face off against fair competition of hundreds of teams competing worldwide for $$!

Official Discord server for Lazisbad! The famous twitter Schechter!

8T8 discord server


Join our servers for free samples for music production,collabs in music, graphics,motion,etc Including gaming /fitness and fashion

A newborn Discord server that accepts all people of all sexes and races. SFW! Fun Bots! Self-Advertising! Active Owner! New!