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This is basically my YouTube Channel Server, I'm hoping to reach my specific goal in my YouTube career.

Here you can chat with other gamers and mrMcPhoenix's community from Twitch and YouTube!

Hey, we are Sketchbook! An community to help and other creators. We promote artist from every field from Dance and music to digital works!! Join now and make some creative friends to share your works!!!

Team Nation is a 1v1.lol Competitive team! We are looking to grow fast and get a goal of 1,000 members

Beyond Advertising is a free advertising server, with up to 50 advertising category's. We are hiring staff and looking for partners! What you waiting for? Join Now

Fire discord server for everyone to join we do gaming skid kid activities free accounts (netflix, nordvpn, spotify premium) yeah man

Here we talk about osu! related topics, and make friends from all around the world! People from Asia, America, and other countries and regions are all welcome! So come now, and Join osu! International Players, and have fun chatting and meeting new people!

This is a gaming discord server for wholesome gamers!!

We give you the latest information about the latest shoes that the sneaker world has to offer.

This is a small server that was dedicated to my youtube channel but, since then, I have quit becoming popular at youtube. This server offers a wide friendly community where you'll enjoy yourself. There's not much to see here, but you'll have a good stay!

We are an advertising server with 1k+ members. We have multiple perks if you boost us!

join our server now we have great community and well made server

A growing community for those who are vtubers/streamers as well as just anyone that wants to connect with others! This community is two vtubers that is trying to make a welcoming and fun place for others to join.

Sk/CZ server. Radi vás privítame, sme dobrá a aktívna komunita.

This is an entirely new server, so there's only a couple of us. We're just looking to make a new, close knit community for people who'd like to just hang out and chat. Roles, emotes, VC, movies, streams, nsfw! Suggestions welcome.