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Gaming community based in the UK. We play pretty much anything, however we are mostly on Valorant, League of Legends & WoW. Come say hello x)

We are an advertising server with channels to advertise your server or social media!

u wanna waste ur fkn Time with TOXIC People?, JOIN US TO discuss CRINGE Topics that make u feel LIKE a SCORPION BITE.

We are a family-friendly server that is filled with Pokémon lovers, and an expansion to ACNH is on the horizon. There are daily shiny raids, daily giveaways, free services for Gen 7/Gen 8 games, and so much more! Come join us to have a great time!

A mental health support server.

Shoka Official Server.

Official Pokéyone Bot Discord Server

We are a growing LGBT safe space server. We have a diverse populace and are very welcoming. Tons of bots and games for everyone to enjoy. We also have a ton of roles lol. Come join us, friend!

A gaming server, some EFT players and looking to branch out.

Hi this is a friendly gaming server where you Can play some mini games like coinmaster and Even make YOUR own tacoshack! You Can also catch Pokémons. JOIN AND CHAT WITH FRIENDS!

A server to talk with people! (active vc and chat!) We also have our own active minecraft server!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Doing battle in the cause of Liberation according to the Crowned and Conquering Child.

Hello! Join the bunnie chill discord server! We are trying to find more members for our new server! Were trying to expand our community, make friends, and have a grand time :) We have gaming, study, vent/rant, and music VCs. The age range is 13-17.

Yo wassup ? To be honest this server is just a hot mess, like you :))

PepeServ es un server el cual comenzó por mi grupo de amigos, y se fue expandiendo conforme paso el tiempo. En este server encontraras personas de todo tipo con los que podrás jugar a varios juegos, como también simplemente hablar de lo que les de la gana