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Come join one of the last Bastion's of Free Speech! Join fellow Patriots in the Patriot's Pub to have your voice heard. Do you have something on your mind and want to have it heard? This is the place for you. discord.gg/thePP

Welcome to the Meyers Token Community Discord!

Server full of funny people

We, the VibeTribe, are a diverse group of amazing people who stream a variety of games. We believe what goes around comes around, and together we want to build a community of support both within and outside gaming; build real connections.

This server is about the karuta bot and it also has a fun twist of a party theme, come join to see what it is all about!!

Hey there! Aspiring Pilots is a Server where all aspiring pilots share their views and interact with each other. We are here to help You reach the skies with Tons of IRL commercial pilots, student pilots, and instructors. Member count: 220+

If you wanna meet some cool people smash that join button. It's very dramatic server so if you're into that GET YO BOOTY IN HERE

A place to vibe with friends, play games, count, listen to music, celebrate your birthday, post art, post memes, and much more!

A community of people who are inspired to make a full time income from home and escape jobs they hate.

❆Heyy! Join our server!❆ ✷ We have a friendly server that supports everyone! ✷We play games together! ✷ Make new friends on this server! ✷We have a lot of different bots!

Welcome on the official"Nerd's Bay" discord server! ☠️ (ITA/ENG)

Here you can travel with us Sailor!

Are you a Portuguese native interested in learning Japanese? This is a chill place created with the intention of bringing together native speakers of Portuguese from any country studying Nihongo ♥

This Sever is a Bio-Dome themed for fellow Tea Heads who wants to have a Tea Party with other members who are looking for social, fun and support from one another.

chillin with some friends

🎮 Dedicated Minecraft Server | 👾 9 Game Bots | 🤣 Memes | 💖 Friendly | 🔊 24/7 Open VC | 🌙Relaxed Environment