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A server for music makers, lovers, and listeners!!

A simple, all rounded server with no specific theme. We are into anything: - gaming - anime - memes - etc.

Its pretty self explanatory , new server trying to grow , pls help :)

Hiya! I’m glad you found this server! Here we are mainly a server for furries or people who support them! We have both sfw and nsfw areas(pending verification) We are a new server and quite empty at the moment but would really like to grow!

Hi my server is dead i wanna make it alive again so join

A discord RP server where we roleplay as the characters from Yu-gi-oh Duel monsters and some from other series!

Our server is filled with fun and friendly global and active community of gamers and non-gamers. Please feel free to talk about anime, mangas, games, lewds, fan arts or any kind of arts,voice act, karaoke, just general chit-chat!

Greetings from Mr Cookie’s Hut ======================== Chat with YouTubers of all games ======================== Mr Cookie Fans ======================== 100+ Members ======================== All sorts of bots

Olympus is a family friendly community server to meet and make friends in a calm and relaxed environment. The whole server is cosmetically themed around greek mythology with Hero, Demi God and God roles being unlocked through server activity.

do you like random stuff? do you like sci-fi, techno, all that jazz? do you like to talk, and socialize? well join this server! we have cookies and lots of goodies!! please join our server, you won't regret it <3

Swag server with swag people✨

This server is for those who are fans, friends, or people looking for a good group of gamers!

A fantasy roleplay set in the kingdom of Heartfelt. After the empire's heart is stolen, the long-standing reign of peace ends and evil is unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens. Freeplay and story mode available.

Join to our server InHuman People. If you are creative person, this is your best choice.