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Welcome to @TeamXyzer ‘s Discord Server! ➽ What do we have? - Custom Matchmaking Scrims - Giveaways & good emotes - Looking for players channel - A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners

Join the #1 Crypto-Community server online Airdrops, Lastest News/Updates, Competitions, Free Alt/Margin Calls and the most proficient Premium Channels on the planet with 80-90% accuracy you name it they have it join now and be apart of the Wolfpack.

THE CHILLEST FILIPINO DISCORD SERVER! Here you can chill, meet new people, play games, and enjoy this wholesome Filipino Community.

A Fest for all the Rockers and Metalheads out there! Come join us and we will have a nice time discussing and playing some Music!

Have you ever wondered if there was a place where you could discuss just land vehicles in stormworks? Well here's the place!

This server is all about gaming and friends who wanna team up gaming in every aspect

Je créé une communauté autour de RPG Maker, la création graphique et la programmation lié aux jeux vidéos, il y aura un forum pour échanger entre les membres et un site pour télécharger des jeux gratuitement, des contenus graphiques et scripts.

Bruh you like hentai? Epic people? Terrible jokes? Then tf you waitin for? Get in here!!! This server is full of fantastic people and plenty of things to talk about all the time. Cant wait to see you there:)

Are you looking for a laid back environment to hang out and meet new people? Are you a big fan of Persona 4 and its characters? Feel free to join our new server and perhaps you will find that fate had interesting things in store for you yet!

We play Smash and other stuff and I stream. People like my personality and community so they stay lol.

Debian also known as Debian GNU/Linux, is a Linux distribution composed of free and open-source software, developed by the community-supported Debian Project, which was established by Ian Murdock on August 16, 1993.

Chromium-based browsers Discord Server. Share new extensions, browsers, workflows to others. Doesn't matter if you use Google Chrome / Canary / Devs / Beta / Enterprise / Enterprise Beta, Chromium, Brave / Nightly / Beta / Dev, Vivaldi, Edge / Dev / Beta

This is the official Discord server of DustyBC on YouTube!

This server is a place where you can post your art, and ask for feedback and ideas. Its a safe place for if you want to draw, talk and participate in challenges and tournaments.

Join uns und finde neue team mates für spiele oder freunde in anderen bereichen.“