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Just another LFG server with a tavern theme. 18+ only please.

A fun chill server, with only a few member rn because we just started! and this is one of the only ways to gain members! we hope you can come join us in Crimson Anomaly (;

Shining Pokémon League is a fan-made competitive Pokémon server, offering giveaways, tradings, Showdown + SW/SH events, and a gym system! :)

Welcome to Turbo's Community Come and join now

Karpathian Horsemen Destiny România

A great place to hide away and play games with your friends// we have Premium Groovy and Premium Mee6

Siamo una community adatta a tutti; qui parliamo, ci divertiamo e facciamo giochi rp. Il server è stato fondato il 19 ottobre 2020 ed è in costante evoluzione

Religion discussion

Hi, I am Tricky and this is my fun-filled community server. We are an active group of people, and want your support to make it bigger. We have a lot of interactive bots and funny ppl in our server.

A server for thats for chill people

Welcome to our GAMERS server! Join us, chat all the games or streaming! Hope you can have fun here! <3

Unofficial server for fans of Windbound, the survival/exploration game by 5 Lives Studios / Deep Silver.

Kleiner Deutscher Server

Your name is blueberry? Join us ;D

There's so much to do here! You can order, chat, play games, listen to music, etc.