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A place to chill. Vibe with other Minecraft players. Play mini games. Win competitions. Enjoy!

NYCGAYBROS is a community that welcomes all (yes we are straight friendly)

We are a new server looking for fun new member!

Welcome to Gamer Grade, where you can socialise and play with other Gamers! You can listen to music, chat with people and look at memes. Come check it out!

Join today and DO NOT regret it!!

Battle:Collage is an interactive and collaborative project where you are not only the owner of the art, but also the artist yourself. It consists of a grid of 9126 squares, each 30x30 pixels, and each sold and tradable individually as a NFT.

Tales of the Twilight Realms is a place to play DnD free of schedule or commitment, where you can just get on and play.

We like anime Porn. Mostly Butts and thighs. We also talk about Genshin.

Positive vibes for content creators.

Hey! This is my fan group! We have cool things like music and you can share video Ideas! If you join, we hope you enjoy!

Must be 15+ We got gaming and anime chats for everyone No one is judged No bullying or Harshment (we'll be blocked by me) Add friends to the server (if you can) Voice chats included.

If you're playing Rocket League, this server is definitely something for you!!👀 If you join now, you'll get the OG Member role! Join and be one of the first members ever!

A chill community for Genshin Impact players! For tips, helpful people, memes, and more! Even a NSFW bot if that's your thing :3

If you join to my discord server you can talk with other users abut games and other. On my server you can also listen to some music with other users if you want!

Richie's TikTok Tatum Tots is a TikTok Community/Support server. > Share vids > Share Lives > Promote Your Page > Collab With Others > Share Tips and Tricks > Meet Other TikTokers > Have Fun! Join us today! You won't regret it!

I just made this for fun lol