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A server for videogames for PC, smartphone, Xbox, ps

Strawberry Field is a server for gaming and hanging out! It is also for the twitch streamer Lohisah!

This is a server for finding new gaming friends, duo partners, new games, free games, etc.

We are a small gaming server just looking for more people to play with come join us to play any game with a group of people you could soon call your friends we are all about having fun and creating an awesome community with people always willing to play!

Just a server to hangout and meet new people! Monthly giveaways hosted here! have a good time! This server will be deleted in 2 years time, but lets make it fun while it lasts! - The server with the expiration date

Just Game is a community that's small but it is active. Most of us know one another on a first name basis but we'll call you what you like most.

This is a new server with a focus on community! we also will have gaming sections, and game nights soon. I hope you join us!

This is a server mainly centered around the Danganronpa franchise, but there is fun here for everyone! Whether you're a fan of Danganronpa or just a person who wants to meet people from a nice, caring community, this is the server to join.

Hi hi, Welcome to bunnie! Come join us in this amazing community server, we host giveaways almost daily and want to build a strong and fun community for everyone! :))

It is a fun chill server with nice people and nice staff giveaways sometimes and we like new members JOIN NOW!

Hi. There's nothing in this server. No gaming, no anime, no music, no levels, no emoji, no art, and no bots as of now. Just spam. Don't join. Also u can ping @everyone. Exclusive chat for cool names also.

you yes, you stop scrolling feeling lonely and need friends? you came to the right place! in this server, we filled with cool people. what r u waiting for? come and hang out with us!

πŸ“Œ Divulgação do seu server 100% Free πŸ“Œ Suporte para criação de bots para Discord πŸ“Œ Chats para linguagens de programação: Python, C, Java, Arduino, etc. πŸ“Œ Chats de jogos: