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Want to play a game but don't have anybody to play with? Look no further! This server is meant for you! Fair warning though this server is very new so there isn't many people yet, but don't let that stop you from joining! Look forward to meeting you!

Krocząc samotnie ciemną uliczką, napotykasz tajemniczą postać. Nie widzisz twarzy, lecz słyszysz głos, który przemawia do Ciebie: -Witaj, nazywają mnie Prorokiem. Widzę, że samemu kroczysz drogą gier wieloosobowych. Przytakujesz.

Server Dedicated to: -Custom Games -Zombies -Teaming up in Modern Warfare -Boosting in those games if that's what your into Daily lobbies is the goal and all are welcome I have #Rules at the top when you join!

Want to listen to a nice playlist? Want to meme? We offer: • music lounge • meme lounge • admin support

NoFap, its just a community that helps each other to stop watching p*rn.

- Free private servers - Grinding - 10 tail grinds - Community helpers - Exams + More

Hello everybody this is the discord server for Sebilee1 twitch fans. Come stop by and say hi !!! We work hard to create a positive and welcoming environment to everyone.

Serwer poświęcony tematyce programowania. Każdy jest mile widziany

Wir sind ein kleiner Haufen Rock bzw. Musikliebhaber die deresgleichen suchen. Gelegentlich schreiben wir hier, tauschen uns aus, hosten Listening Parties und vieles mehr. Ich hoffe es wird dir hier gefallen!

A new and exciting adventure awaits you. You want bdsm, we got that. You want legit banter, we got that. You want brats or wanna be a brat, we got you! This is the place for every to come have fun. As we say put your feet up and your head down or the othe

The Landmark SMP is a secure environment where people from all over the world can play Minecraft together. If you're playing on Bedrock or Java, The Landmark SMP supports cross-platform multiplayer, allowing you and your friends to play together.


A friendly server with a small amount of members

Hey! Welcome to the Tasty server! We are glad you stopped by! Who are we? We provide affordable and reliable services for Call Of Duty Cold War, Call Of Duty Warzone and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. With over 700 positive customer reviews!