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🎶 Sԋαԃσɯẞσχ 🎶 Is a friendly beatboxing server for this who wants to teach, learn or just jam with other friendly beatboxers.

❤movie nights run by my friend Gabe ❤motorcycles allot of motorcycles ❤venting channel ❤music hangout nights ❤meme channel ❤nsfw memes ❤Gaming nights run by Gabe ❤friendly mods

Herukan Official is the official Support and Fun Server for the Herukan Bot.

Hey! Little Monsters (Gaga Fans) This is a new community for us to chat. This chat generally focuses on Gaga topics, but you can talk about anything you’d like!

Small new rp server with host and monster, come join!

Modern Warfare/ Current CoD server. Host tourneys and leagues, as well as provide scrim finder chats, 10s chats, and more! Join to chat, sign up for a tourney, or sign up for a league!

Brand new Minecraft skyblock server looking to grow and expand currently look for more players. Server Release is May 16th at 2:30 pm Est.

Hey you! How often do you cook? We’re seeking chefs of all levels, even beginners to join our Foodies club. Are you good enough to become a Master Chef? Find out now by joining today!

we sit in calls all day playing games. we post funny videos and memes. we have channels for everything and the server is optimized by great bots. looking for people who are interested.

Hey guys, just want to send out a quick invite to the perfect server, a place where we host monthly game jams, weekly art challenges, and we have channels to collaborate, post commissions, and share your projects! Be there or be ▢ !

A server with great memes, fun, and games!

Devil Dungeon is a server aimed for people to gather & discuss, share experiences, voice opinions, dedicated to making friends and expanding connections.

We like to hangout and have fun with bots!

Utopian Capital is an up and coming Nitro/PayPal giveaway server, currently we are trying to gain members in order to fund the giveaways, if you could join that would be greatly appreciated thanks!

🔸Are You Looking For A Server To Have Fun Or Play This Game The Right Server For You, Anime Lovers , Gamers. 🔸 🌟 Available on servers for games and anime enthusiasts. 🌟