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A Overall very chill discord server, with honestly no rules. Just no NSFW, and No Beefing.

Wilkommen! Das ist das Jpower Gaming Netzwerk, hier kannst du finden: Neue Freunde, Neue Spiele, Musik und vieles mehr.

Dads belt's memes has ll the memes you could ever want, just be careful for THE BELT!

2 Games in a Community Discord Server! Planetarium and Space Simulation!

This is a server where you can meet new people, make friends, play with bots, and discuss your interests. Stop on by, we don't bite!

A Creative anime hangout for any weebs looking to chat all day long and have fun.

we are a chill community focused on Gaming and Anime. 🌸 movie nights πŸŽ€ gaming channels 🌸 giveaways πŸ₯ & much more!

A server where people can just chill and interact with others

- Μ—Μ€ Welcome To Dorado !! ̖́- β˜† β€” Wholesome Community ✧ β˜† β€” Giveaways ✧ β˜† β€” Events ✧ β˜† β€” Self-Roles ✧ β˜† β€” Multiple Game Genres Chat ✧ β˜† β€” LFG Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Anime Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Serious Chat ✧ β˜† β€” Tons of bots to play with ✧

A kind, open, and supportive community for those battling issues with stimulants.

This is a wonderful server full of nsfw lewdness for our fellow otakus and weebs. There’s a lot to do there, as it is a community for weebs, gamers, shitposters, and anyone that is fun and not easily offended.

A server I am developing and trying to make it into a nice experience for all, there is no swearing and that is all I ask, be yourself and enjoy all the chats! We are also accepting feedback and server ideas.

Want a new fun ways to practice and apply your Japanese skills? Come and study with us at Black Cat Japanese Translation club. We are a community more than 700 Japanese learners of all skill levels, working to translate games, manga etc.

International gaming server