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A wonderful server for all animal and biology lovers out there. We have great staff and great members!

∘ Concours réguliers 🎉 ∘ Recrutements réguliers. 🧾 ∘ Discord sécuritaire et chaleureux ❤️ ∘ Possible de s'entraider en tant que développeur débutant ou avancé ✨ ∘ Suivre nos dev-logs (Sur nos jeux ou logiciels 🛠️ ) ∘ Rejoins-nous !

Sanso is a server dedicated to make new friends and chill out with others!

A gathering place for open/like-minded, chill individuals. A dumping ground for info of various kinds. A safe haven for food porn. Honk on

Lgbtq+ Friendly Under construction Looking for people to give constructive criticism to help build the server and shit.

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Are you an anime fan and looking for new friends and or people to talk about your favorite anime with? Or maybe you just want a bunch of nice anime emotes? Look no further! we are a welcoming community looking to help you find the home you need!

Brand new server. A place to hangout and talk about your favorite shows, games and more! Don't be a jerk and you'll have a great time!

SynBlue Advertising is a discord server solely centered around advertising of other discord servers, YouTube channels/videos, etc. We are open to new partnerships and offer certain premium services.

This server is for talking and just hanging out to put it short.

a place to fuck around doing everything and nothing

A new server that focuses on all aspects of nerd culture. The server serves as a place for everyone to socialize, game together, and take part in events and giveaways. Help us grow the community and come make some friends. Thank you!

Ein Call of Duty Server mit einer Aktiven Community!

InScane is an American YouTuber with a dream and a passion to build a community way beyond what he can create himself.

Matt's World is the discord server for mat_frm94wai on instagram!