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Join if you’re looking for a friendly community that loves gaming, Twitch, and Dream’s youtube channel. We are currently undertaking a project to build the Dream SMP map.

Here you'll find lll the latest gameplays and trailers, official reveals of new games irrespective of the genre of the game Tune into lal the fun by joining this server.

Come join us at Eclipse of butterflies; we host an open-world Rp called “Littera”. We are mostly roleplay focused but we also have a place for gamers, anime lovers, and more!

We are a community of artists!! Here you can find others to work together on bigger projects, enter competitions, join challenges, and more!

Friendly, active, growing community dedicated to cats and gaming!

small, welcoming server where everyone is ready to be your friend <3

Welcome to the meme central of discord

created this server so that everyone can make new friends and not feel lonely.

A Coder, Quant, & Analyst walked into a bar. This trading group came out. You want to learn. We want to to teach.

Under construction...

Join our Kingdom, we are waiting for you! The Zista Kingdom, we are going to spend 10k+ on ads, meaning that this is not a server/group that is going to die within a month. We have a roblox group too! And we are looking for officers!

General Community, Pokémon Go & League of Legends.

We are a server specialized in CSGO which gives you the opportunity to find new people for CSGO.

【Inside the lab】 Our community is growing strong with over 50+ members 【------】 Out bots: -Pokemeow -Mudae -Dank Memer 【------】 We have VC nights and offer stream advertising also in our discord! Join now!

This is the perfect place to get new friends and find people to play games with! We are looking for active members and if you want to talk to kind people this is the place for you! We have cute emotes!

An organization for high schoolers aimed to spread awareness about public health disparities. By signing up with us, you can quickly earn service hours and help your community by joining webinars, writing articles, doing projects/fundraisers, etc.