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We are a small server dedicated to building a helpful and social community that can help with whatever you may need. Be it school work, Programming, Advice, ect. Be sure to read the rules upon joining!!

a server to make friends! there are roles to join and many channels to talk through! for gaming, anime, music, and channels for venting. lgbtq+ friendly ,witchcraft/spirtuality friendly and channels for both!

Got a cum fetish? then this is the right place for you!

A brand new server, and a safe space for anyone. Any member of the LGBTQ+ Community is welcome here. First 25 people to join will be interviewed, and if Deemed fit Given a moderator role! We look forward to adding a plethora of bots and more!

A Fun, New Server, Looking for Members. A Ranking and Leveling System, VCs for gaming, and Weekly Movie Nights! Join For An Awesome Time! Can't Wait To See You On

A server for bots! Currently has 600 bots.

Kevin’s Space World is a small community server for all who want to join! If you want to join a fun server where you can connect with others as well as share your creations with the, this is the server for just that!

Gaming Community where we usually play games like Among Us, Call of Duty, Hearthstone and all kind. Helpful admins and mods all around.

have fun and be you

A Swedish community Discord server that is growing. !MOSTLY ACTIVE IN THE EVENING!

A general server with much to offer!

Come join our community! Here we play games, share memes, and generally talk! Come hang out. What to expect within the server: Fun Events 🎉 Gaming 🎮 Friendly Moderators ❤️ Always looking for more staff!

only epic cool people join this server

Hey you! Yes, you! The one scrolling through! Are you lonely and in need or just simply looking for friendships or gaming buddies?! Well here’s the place you’ll want to be (°▽°).

Welcome to NightHub! Feel free to invite anyone you desire, just remember that this server is made for the community to interact. NightHub is a chill and gaming community server on discord that has a variety of roles/ranks that have different benefits!

here we make giveaways and trades in rocket league giveaways free to enter :D