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This server includes giveaways for osrs and rsps server giveaways

Hello! My little server is called Pig’s cult (it’s not actually a cult) this server is a community server where I invite people to come and meet new people, gain new friends and interests, and maybe have a family who loves and supports you to the end.

Just another Animal Crossing server with a nice, small community!!

Starlight Beach Is an anime/community server for everyone to join and have a great time!

The server you join that is active, fun, open but not annoying. We support anime, manga, gaming, streaming, normal chat, bots, memes,................. Did I mention that it also has a lot of emojis? No? I did. You just read it.

Hi, this is the chill server. What we do on this server? We just chat and relax.

A kind, open, and supportive community for those battling issues with stimulants.

sin's lair is a layed back relaxed server with the best bots you can have! We have a wide variety of emotes 2! friendly staff and custom roles! so join today!

We are a casual and eclectic community for discussing politics and current events.

Join Pokémon Gen X Mega (Myuu) it’s for the influenced part. To start your adventure to the Pokémon world. You start from Kanto all the way to Kalos now. As the Myuu bot updates there will be more regions to discover and catch more Pokémon!

The Money Printer is the ultimate free education center for stock traders! We offer free tutorials for beginners, penny stock traders, and options traders along with free stock trade signals. Come make money with us!

Friendly chats, Something for Everyone, The community for you, have fun.

Under construction...

Our Server is to help the new streamers to grow

This server is a clan specifically for Gamers who wanna have fun with other Gamers and chill and do whatever they want. We have among us, Minecraft(bedrock/java), Fortnite and other sections etc. Come on and join (look at long description)

Hello, I am Linkie! This is my roleplay server, where you just let your imagination take control!