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Genel anlamda rahat takılan, anime-manga dışında neredeyse her şeyin konuşulabildiği normal bir sunucu. Şu aralar üye sıkıntısı çekiyoruz çünkü sayfayı ölü tutmak zorunda kaldık, gelip muhabbete katılırsanız fena olmaz .p

Indie game dev located in barcelona. Now developing #heroesofastaon. An online turn-based arena.

Anyone stream everyday but sucks at networking so you get little viewers? Me too! I made a channel just for us on discord so we can grow together (:

Welcome lad join the adventure This is a DND server never played dnd before? don't worry there's a section with everything you need to know as well a Beginner DND game as well Includes Self roles Campaigns Roleplay General chat Party DND

Remy and rats of all above

The Catastrophic Network is a new family friendly gaming community server. We aim to be a laid-back place to hang out with friends and meet new people.

Just a group of gamers focused on valorant, cod, fortnite, and other misc. games

A chill and friendly sever for teens, young adults, weebs and gaming to chill and meet new people!

I mean, I really don't know what else to say. Its just Some Server.

Serveur français nouveau :)

*does a sexy whistle to grab your attention. twirls around energetically and says* "Well helluuuu there cutiepie~" This is a personal discord server of Nickson, where he loves to be active and chat and think about new content to create.

☕🔥The Pillow Fort🔥☕ Are you looking for a Different, Cute, Fun server? Well look no further The Pillow Fort Block has a variety of channels ranging from art to media to Anime. We are always looking to meet new people so why not check us out?

This will be a basic Diablo 2 Resurrected trading server. I dislike the forumgold meta.

Kaban means Friends in our native language. Just a friendly place to make new friends and share gaming experience.

At Purple Penguin, we know that crypto can be more than just a currency. We’re on a mission to aid climate conservation through crypto, NFTs and blockchain games. We’ll raise awareness through our community and donate ethically-sourced stuffed animals to

Hello! Welcome to the Winter Palace! This is a chill, winter-themed server where you can make friends and more!