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Welcome to the unofficial official Genshin Impact EU discord server! The official discord server is floaded and it's hard to ask questions and get help or just find friends. Join a simple discord server for only EU players. We can help each other out.

This is a community server, but it is also for my YouTube!! This is a server that allows people to have fun! When joining the server you will have to verify in the verify channel, then you will be able to gain access to the server!

Club Music is one of newest finest hangouts here on discord w have the best team of mods to help protect the server plus mee 6 as extra support

This server will help you in IGCSE issues and much more. Each 2 weeks, a past paper is sent on a channel from different subjects.

AniOtaku is a chat server for otakus and weebs or even just a random League of Legends player who wants to say hello! We recommend having an age of 14 above. This community features games, chat, and music!

A server deticated to GTA Cheats and more

We're a small, but growing community server! our goal is to bring together as many people as we can. we hope that you feel at home here and if you need anything, don’t be afraid to get our attention!

Speed Traders is a 100% transparent community for Traders to join and talk about stocks and make friends. We are very lenient and a very friendly community that welcomes new and old traders.

BTC OFFICIAL is a gaming-giveaway server. We provide no toxicity,no nsfw and friendly content...Join fast amazing awards awaits you..🤗

Among Us Zone is a new well made community that starts to grow -------Active Staff Members------- -------Among Us Bot------- -------Among Us Tips------- -------Chilling Voice Chats-------

This server while provide one coding problem daily and it solution by the end of the Day.The problem will be discussed throughout the day.

Hej! Chcesz dołączyć do serwera z: ✨ Pomocną i miłą administracją 📣 Codziennymi pogadankami na voicechatach ✍️ Codziennym pisaniem na chatach tekstowych ☁️ Daj się zaprosić i dołącz do naszej serwerowej rodzinki chmureczek! ☁️

A manchild responsible for many in-game (R6, Minecraft, Brawlhalla) shenanigans and other random things that are just too funny to resist. (I also have Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Twitch)

Nuestro servidor trata sobre una cafetería basada en la película "El Castillo Ambulante" (también conocido como: "Howl's Moving Castle), donde nuestro propósito es entretener y socializar.

Nine nymph for you to choose from in a world that is not our own. An academy to learn in, created to bring peace to the lands. Original creatures, classes, and magic. A place for all to gather.

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