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Anime, Gaming, Memes, nsfw content, hentai, chatting and more!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ πŸ˜ˆπ†πžπ­ 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π‡π’π π‘π°πšπ² 𝐭𝐨 π‡πžπ₯π₯😈 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ πŸ–€Friendly Staff πŸ–€Active Global Community πŸ–€Fun Bots/Games πŸ–€Loads of Self Roles πŸ–€2:1 girl to guy ratio πŸ–€Welcoming to all

A new CoD Mobile eSports team looking for new members!

Hi, we are a community trying to grow on discord. We offer, giveaways, a place to chill. Non-toxic chat and more.

a very friendly server with nice chill people

We are a small, close-knit community looking to expand and find new friends to join us! What we offer: ✦ A friendly, active community! ✦ Plenty of roles to be earned! ✦ Fun bots to use such as Mudae, Tatsumaki and Pokecord!

good server to be in alot of coding hardwork came into this server so hope you join have a good time and peace

Galactica We are a very small server Looking for staff We have a lot of channels Memes, discourse and art channels Lgbt + system inclusive Please join

Funny game and server where you can play as a Dutch Police, Fire dept, Ambulance, Handhabing, Military Police and naturly as a Civilian

A place where all gamers can meet new people and play. Also comes with a lot of fun bots.

Hey! We are a GTA V recovery service who can make you money for a cheap price. We host giveaways frequently. And because we are upcoming, you can get a nice discount if you ask nicely.

οΌŠβœΏβ€ ArtistHub β€βœΏοΌŠ Artists unite! A server bringing together different kinds of artists, designers and musicans! «────── Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β» ──────» Channels, and roles for all types of art! Roles you can assign yourself! Being Active Gives you higher roles!

Somos un servidor de idioma espaΓ±ol el cual busca miembros para pasar el rato con un buen ambiente

β™• You should join us! heres why, β™• β™˜ Giveaways β™˜ β™™Wide range of gamesβ™™ β™” Funny Community β™” β™—A fairly active userbaseβ™—

Code Together is a coding server for people who like to help each other.

We are Ukiyo! β™‘ Hello you! What are you doing?! Stop staring you are making me blush >//< β™‘ β™‘ Haha! Hi! We are a sfw friendly server that loves anime, disney, and gaming!