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A new server for anyone to join! This is a place where you can come and make new friends, find people to play with or just hang out!

⚽ FIFA 🔫COD 💣FORTNITE 🪁 is a fun community of like-minded gamers. Join us if you like playing games, sharing your best highlights, live streaming your epic Ws

DayZ PS4 Chernarus Community

It’s a dark and rainy night. You’re soaking, freezing, and miserable, and then you spot it. A bar in the distance. Welcome to Bing Bong's Bar.

#1 social hangout for gamers and friends! We have lots of fun activities to do, and very active users and staff!

Welcoming & friendly Discord server for everyone, who is interested in Brooklyn 99!

A fun chill sfw server. We are a fun and loving community looking to grow. We have active chats, events, and giveaways.

Join our Quest as gamer, artists, content creators, etc. There's something for you, and if not let me know! 🔥

We're a community oriented server with an emphasis on kink and BDSM. Think of us as your local pub, with a back room for Verified members. We're pretty laid back, but respect the rules.

We are a group of avid gamers who made a safe and fun atmosphere for anyone(18+) to relax and play with other likeminded people, as always respect and courtesy is a must.

Just a server that keeps on growing and improving. Our goal is to have a awesome community.

cats are cool

Pokémon GO International Raiders is a community server created back in August of 2020, during the middle of a pandemic. Our goal was to bring people together from around the world.

Join and you wont regret it

This is a amazing community made for the music side of discord.