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Roleplay and writing server!

we play among us, cod, minecraft, overwatch, ect and we are also looking for new friends!

epic cool server you should join

Just a place to hang out, no specific topic, just to talk to random people and join events in games i set up every once in a while lol

Hi and welcome to my den. This is a very Kawaii place to have fun and make new friends. There’s lots of fun things in this server and we are always improving. We look forward to seeing you! 🥰

Hello! This is a new server that I have just made on discord. I hope to make a community around this server and to meet new people and try to make friends I would also like for people to also meet new people and make new friends

• Topics SCP:SL & SCP:CB Topics, SCP discussion, Minecraft, Programming and much more! • Offering Welcoming community, nice/friendly Staff, hospitable members!

A world where the community gets to run the discord, where they get to vote for who they want in charge? What more could you ask for? Join today! Community Hierarchy "Powered By Community."

The Dank Tank is a fun place to socialize with current friends and make new ones!!! It's fun and interactive and can really make your go from crappy to the best day of your life. We have the legendary bot Dank Memer too! I hope you join The Dank Tank!!!

Heyo~ Our discord channel is about gaming and a chill hangout :D. We play Genshin Impact and Dragon Raja and are open to suggestions. We are a wholesome server please come and chill with us if ya can (>.<)

(SU)LGBT+ 18+ is a fun and safe space for all walks of life! We welcome you to join our humble and growing community!

Welcome! We're a small but growing server that has many members both male and female. We hope you join and enjoy your time here. We have people from all over the world here.

Hi! We are a semi-lit to lit roleplay server with an original plot and lore!

This server is dedicated to Genshin Impact, come make some friends and talk about your favorite waifus! Anyone can join as long as you speak English.

Looking to take part racing in Roblox? Then please join the Ro-Indy 500. This group consists of occasional Indy-500 style races at my built Indianapolis oval track. This group is brand new and currently being set up.