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Un server libero e divertente con una community gentile e scherzosa con delle emoji uniche che troverai solo nel nostro server! Unisciti anche tu per perdere la sanità mentale!

Come watch this pro player kick some Valorant booty!

Looking for a place to vibe and make friends with little to no effort? Well then join Ditpo's Community! We offer many things such as Automated Roles (Choose Your Own Roles), High Quality Memes, And Chill Staff And the best thing is, NO PINGS!

Chill server with giveaways. And a good place to get cheap games

We are a community about making friends we are mainly based on communicating with others! we love seeing peoples art and more! Gaming Chatting Voice Chats Vibing Bots Emotes

-------------🎮Gamers and memers come one come all!!🤣----------

We are against the popular Roblox game “Adopt me!” We police against this sorry excuse for a scam.

A Discord server where gamers unite to watch Twitch streams, play games and just have fun.

we don't know what we're doing. come tag along for the ride or something cheesy like that.

Hello 👋 Me and my friend wanted to start our own Minecraft server! 😁 This is for bedrock! ... We are planning on making a java! 🤣 Please Join! It encourages us to continue makin' 🥺

☕ Conheça a Cafeteria Japa! ☕ Temos ☕ Chats específicos para cada comunidade ☕ Bots para entretenimento ☕ Moderação 24/7 ☕ Suporte para atender os membros ☕ Diversas calls ☕ Monarquia de cargos Gostou? Venha Conhecer!

Lawless is a server based on making friends, hanging out with new people from all over the world. This thrown in with other subjects for each persons hobbies and needs, lawless is the perfect server to kick back and relax.

This is a server of Ixinite's creation. We share art, and memes, and generally be chaos.

[□□□□□□]Gaveaway[□□□□□□] What do we offer? 🤔 - Monthly GIVEAWAY's 🤑 - Covid info 😷 - Gaming buddies 🎮 Join now to win free PAYSAFE GIFT CARD 💳