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Just chatting, playing, getting know each other, having fun and chilling B)

Do you find joining voice chat just to play Among Us tedious or daunting? We welcome you to this server that encourages making text-only lobbies for a more laid back relaxed experience!

A community for gaming and relaxing. Est. by a group of friends that are streamers and Youtubers! Come game with us and meme around.

A small nit community of toxic Minecraft loving trash talkers

This server is for the Community Game Chat Play music or get some memes play with dank memer!

This server is the conjunction of every supernatural community. Where all is accepted and cherished. This server conjoins every part of every supernatural community whether it be Kinetics, Subliminal Users, Mages, Witches, Mythicals, Respawners and more.

A gaming community with people from all over the world, sharing amazing and intense in-game moments, fun times and laughter with new friends, and heartwarming memories of the best kind. Join us!

A BSDM/CGL Discord Server. Gaming Channels, Art Channels, Social Channels and more to see! Secure verification to ensure data protection and safety among our members with NSFW Topics. Nice Owner and lovely Members. Be sure to check it out!

New server for GTA Roleplay!

A server that does Hypixel tournaments. With a nice community and staff. Everyone is welcome here. We also have giveaways.

🌸Genshin Impact Aesthetic | 🌟Genshin Help | 🌺Genshin & General Chats | ⭐Friendly & Chill | 🎨Artist's Made Emotes | 🎶Small, But Cozy | 😇SFW |📣 JOIN US and meet new friends! 💝

e-p i p h a n yシ is a fun place for you if you like watching anime, movies, like eating with people, vibing and gaming✫彡

A new automotive server that encourages deep discussion with an effort to build an close knit community.

A hangout for people who play games

This group is for my yt channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqno7JTOFa-MluYM-YvDX3A Any of you guys can join just follow the rules when you are in the server :)

You can join to play and talk.