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WELCOME to “BEFORE DESPAIR” a discord server that is a canon DANGANRONPA roleplay group! This literate roleplay takes place during the time before the Killing School Game, the Killing School Trip and The Gofer Project. Roles still open!

We Are A Gaming Server That Just Likes To Chat, To Fun Things Like Jackbox, Movie Night, etc.

A brand new discord server for peeps who want to chill and play games. A comfortable place to chat, chill and lose games with similar people.

For (anime/manga/webtoons/movies/tv shows/games/etc) editors and artists! Anyone can openly join and talk and use mudae and other bots we have!

Welcome to the CS:GO Station Discord - a place for all of us that love CS:GO and the various aspects of it such as skin trading, investing, gambling, content creation and of course the awesome game and franchise itself! ❤️

Our sever is based off of hanime what we do is talk about different hanime or do nsfw images we also have a spam chat. Come here to talk about hanime and don't be shy and give us good ideas on what to watch next

Join to meet me in person! I am a tiny youtuber. I'm trying to get to 20 members, please join! WE HAVE MANY VCs

Come join to become the top pokemon master

My community is focused for Minecraft Realms and is in us as a Faction realm. here your able to sell items in our shop and use the money to buy stuff for your base or for personal use. The codes in the discord. Have a great day!

Official Discord server for Puffco Corp.

This is were you just chill and have fun and always have someone to talk to

A server for fellow teens and tweens to chat and make friends with a focus on self-improvement and mental health. We are a new server in need of members and will always take suggestions. We are inclusive of everyone and everything!

This is the server for the Hypixel Guild The Awakening! We love all of our members, and we hope you want to become one aswell! Still growing! Loads of emojis!

We Are Team Evolve Our community is active family friendly fun to be in memes bot and more. hope to see you there

**Choccy Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 - IP:choccy.us.to** - Free IV/Nature Modifiers - Shiny Starters - Donator Ranks - Frontier Masters & NPC Gyms - Gen 8 OU Smogon and VGC Tournaments!

Join up for a long ride, we gonna be filled with packers.