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About us, Self Promotion channel for everyone! Events, active VC’s, game-nights, and giveaways! Staff and Partnership applications! (Open now!) Game/Account Cracks and Leaks! Suggestion Channel! Fun Bots! Self Roles! and much more!

Conexão Carioca é um servidor onde amigos se encontram para uma jogatina de FiveM, onde eles simulam a vida real dentro de um jogo. E deve seguir uma regra básica para poder jogar, aos que não seguirem essa regra será cortado.

Herzlich willkommen in der OpenMindGaming Community! Hier bist du genau richtig mit deiner offenen Mentalität. Nimm dir die Zeit dich zu öffnen, wir bieten den Raum!

Ein Deutscher Server für die Community des Servers von Tacho_hd der bald online geht hier kannst du mit Freunden chatten, zocken und vieles mehr

AVIA! is an animated, slice of life mini-series, following a group of friends with their mental and physical struggles with adulthood! We are looking for writers, animators, artists, composers, editors and voice actors!

IT: quando vuoi potrai giocare in ben 10 lobby! EN: when you want you can play among us in 10 lobbies!!

You will be able to access a bunch of cute emojis and gifs to use anywhere you go, cute events, and so much more! Come and join ღAiko's Café | Anime & Social for a one-of-a-kind adventure! Come and join us now!

The Swamp is just a chill area for you and your friends to talk, you might be able to make some new friends here too! DM : Server owner For Partnerships

This Server Is Fully Up For Use And I Welcome All Users! This Advertising server offers only the best in not just advertising but also community relationships Play games / advertise your server & bot / get noticed / suggest changes & More!

Hey from Hangout, we are small group that was made just few days ago. Our goal is to reach over 300+ members and i will not give up on it.

🎁 Free Nitro 🎁 Free PayPal 🎁 Active Community 🎁 Social / Giveaway Server

we are a small group of 3 people and i created a nice comfy Discord server...

Salut ! Je vais vous présenter le serveur 🔥・L’Élite ! Ce serveur est un serveur communautaire ou tu peux faire des rencontre, jouer a des jeux, demander les l'aide etc.. Le serveur n'est pas jamais inactif donc invités tout vos amis les boss !

Cryptocurrency 📊 Passive Income 💸 Node Rewards 🏆

Hey ! We are a refund community, we don't sell any service, we just want to help other ppl and make the community grow ! We have world experience, US, FR, UK .... We can help you with Amazon, Zalando, Nike ....

🔥 Fantasy RP server for adults with lots of lore and meaty channel topics. Set in a colorful worlds of floating continents full of spicy people, themed districts, adventuring channels