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Hello there, this server is for Anime, Manga, Hentai and Japanese culture enthusiasts Our aim is make a great server and to unite Otakus from around the world We promise to be a great community for you where you can chill and relax and find cool people!

Hey there! Aspiring Pilots is a Server where all aspiring pilots share their views and interact with each other. We are here to help You reach the skies with Tons of IRL commercial pilots, student pilots, and instructors. Member count: 220+

Das der Depressivste Discord Deutschlands, komm einfach her ehrlich das wird lustig

Join the Democratic Republic of Konstanzia! We're a new server with an economy, government, and justice system all built from the ground up. Get in while we're new and carve out some influence, or join us and chat with our long time core community!

A growing Cannabis discord community dedicated to the love of everything weed!

the Immortal Server with Immortal members

***ꗃ⌗₊˚      🍋 REY ENTERTAINMENT     ✦ . ˚₊*** > ꈍᴗꈍ < a rp kpop entertainment server !! welcome to rey entertainment ~ here, you can become either an idol trainee, an actor, or a model at one of the best companies in seoul !

Just a little server me & my friends made to make new friends! Ages around 11-17 are welcomed. Open community everyone is welcomed We do events and other fun giveaways. Join now and meet new people!

Сервер Коробка Создателя это коммьюнити, где вы можете выложить свою работу и получить критику, обсудить различные произведения.

~ Tumultuous Tavern ~ A chill, friendly server with about 490 members, 100+ emotes, Semi-active community, fun bots, and an average of 1000 messages per day.

Charmed, I'm sure ♥

Welcome to the beginning of a epic story set in the heart of Crooked Heart City where you start out with $250,000 and a dream to be a millionaire by any means necessary!

come on over and chat! don't want to chat? harvest potatoes! don't want to do that either? use fun bots! you're picky, aren't you? i guess you can grab your roles and apologise in #sorry. would you try us out if i said you might get an emoji of your face?

Want an engaging social and gaming server? Oviceras is all about collaborating, sharing, conversations, gaming and more! Join now to meet our talkative staff and play together with growing streamers.

We made A Game About Literally Doing Your Taxes and Buddy Simulator 1984!

This server is about the karuta bot and it also has a fun twist of a party theme, come join to see what it is all about!!