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This is the server for the Hypixel Guild The Awakening! We love all of our members, and we hope you want to become one aswell! Still growing! Loads of emojis!

We Are Team Evolve Our community is active family friendly fun to be in memes bot and more. hope to see you there

**Choccy Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 - IP:choccy.us.to** - Free IV/Nature Modifiers - Shiny Starters - Donator Ranks - Frontier Masters & NPC Gyms - Gen 8 OU Smogon and VGC Tournaments!

Join up for a long ride, we gonna be filled with packers.

A casual and fun Splatoon 2 Discord server, Ink It Up! is starting out fresh! We welcome everyone ages 13+ and would enjoy your company.

A gaming server to meet new people and play games!

We are a Team that supports any game that you would like to join!

Ravage is a semi-anarchy server for memes and casual discussion. It has fair and lenient rules so everyone can enjoy the server with freedom. All members of any community are welcomed here.

A Cheap Server is a fun stupid server where we talk about memes gaming anime and have fun with bots.

Welcome to The Dishonored, or Fumeiyona (不名誉な). You can do a lot of things here, as long as you follow the simple rules of course. We have everything from server promotion to serious debates. As a growing server, we are in the looks for new mods, and more

Like Smash roleplay? Then join this place. Yeah its new, but you can always help improvement

A fun and safe environment to learn how to coach for FREE

Welcome to Dragon (용문)! This is a language learning server. We are currently learning 3 languages. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

An online roleplay based server with a focus on roleplaying as a professional wrestler trying to gain fame and recognition climbing up the ranks of a touring national professional wrestling company.

Its mainly a server to make friends and stuff, almost all of us know eachother, and we would love to make more friends!

Are you tired of entering matchmaking solo? Would you rather ride the bus with a friend and drop in to cause mayhem? Would you love to have a friend root you on for your killing spree (or maybe even help you get your first kill)? EverStar Gaming Community