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Yo wassup ? To be honest this server is just a hot mess, like you :))

The ultimate server for anyone looking to find people to game with, people to talk with and make friends, and post E none stop!

We are an lgbtq+ friendly server for goth, Metalhead, punk and other alternative people.

Welcome to Fallout 76 Trading server We will allow all items to be traded here including hacked , spawned in and glitched items. We allow all forms of trading / selling but do so while being aware of such risks. Feel free to discuss any hacks /exploits

Set in a small town south of the Kingdom of Vale, over three years after Volume 3 of RWBY, Dubhan is a RWBY RP server where what appears to be a quiet, peaceful village often turns out to be anything but.

meet new people and make new friends. play games, play with emotes and maybe join us on our staff team?

A place for small boobed girls to post pics, trade with the owner, show off pussy juices, and pee themselves or clothes. Owner is Itsspeacial (me)

A small group of stoners! Memes and NSFW Content, Level coordinated roles for Chat/VC. Everyone is welcome and it's a place to be chill and talk about weed and high experiences! Friendly staff and members to talk to! The server is recommended for 18+.

Come join an SFW, Anime, Gaming, and ponytown server!

Join the new Radiohead server!

Hello everyone! Gorimbo here, I'm really happy to present my first big project : "Second Leaf" A fan club for the whole Animal Crossing saga, but mainly focused on New Horizons. In this community you can make friends and share about everything you like.

Mafiakill is a free text based mafia game which is a popular online game. The goal is to become the best gangster, police or scientist in the whole game.

This is super new LGBTQ+ server and are looking for people to help start it off.

We talk a lot but don't take it too far.

World of Warcraft Raiding guild and community. Started over 3 years ago and have been growing ever since. We do all aspects of the game and even do fun evens from time to time.

It is a friendly and welcoming community of Indian Traders and Investors. We discuss all asset classes including Stocks, Mutual Funds, Smallcase, Options, Futures, Crypto, Bonds, Real Estate, etc.