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This is a community server where you can meet all kinds of people we have a NSFW chat which you need to be 18+ to have access to

🎮 Hľadáš komunitu a možno aj kamarátov na hranie? Pridaj sa k nám! 🎮

We are a community server dedicated to granting a safe place for systems

Chill server to chill and game and talk about coding

Gen Cafe is a free reward server. Just follow the steps and you get a reward. All legit.

A chil server looking for active members, we have a custom bot that's updated whenever and takes suggestion (Currently a event happening) , and a nice server with laidback staff, without many rules (besides the obvious)

If you like watching or you stream on twitch yourself, join here to get your stream notified to a group of people that will support your stream!

JackinfiniteYTs official server

3ds CIA ROM SERVER for finding roms.

Anyone want to come join, a very awesome Gaming Community? Come Join the GitGud Network, we are expanding servers, and are looking to evolve our Community, we are actively looking for Staff, Players and Much Much More!

What we have to offer: +-+ Great & Friendly Community +-+ +-+ Friendly & Fair Staff team +-+ +-+ Giveaways & Promotions +-+ Note: -Looking for staff members

This is the most best Arrowverse Experience on Discord. Please only join if you like the arrowverse.

The Chill Zone is a friendly, active, and growing community. This server you can have a bunch of fun by attending a bunch of events in or server that happen every day! Along the way you could meet new people and make them some new friends!

We are looking for a small community to play games with. We are into all sorts of games so if we have it we will play it.

Gaming community Friendly Staff Dedicated servers Active development

A small discord server with fans of pokemon other games and wholesome animals such as frogs and cats.