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A big community revolved around the Forza sires. Originally coming from amino and converting over!

πŸ‘Œ YOUR INVITED TO The Alliance!πŸ‘Œ

Welcome to VFG! This server is all about the Virtual Fisher Bot! Here we provide 8 different channels of VF, Tips and help channels!

Just a simple server for meeting new people, listening to music with your pals, sharing your art, gaming and more!

We're a fun little community looking to grow. We love socializing and accept any and everybody! All of us play games across all genres! Hope to see you here.

A Jojo rp server where you can make your own story, or follow along the main plot, you can use spin, hamon, or a stand! A welcoming community and helpful staff make character creation easy and fun! So come check us out!

Are you planning on A new piercing? New tattoo? I am constantly judged and belittled for my own piercings, I know others are in the same predicament. Let's build A wholesome community of knowledgeable members!

Offer services to help now server owners have a smoother setup and the addition of bots.

A fun and welcomimg server, easy to mke new friends and play with some bots, why not join today?!


We are a server for chilling, memes, roleplay, community, and gaming. We have multiple chats for many thing like for example she-ra and hazbin hotel and we're always open to adding more! Feel free to join us just make sure to follow the guidelines!

α΄‘α΄€κœ±κœ±α΄œα΄˜, We are a small server but we have our good moments.

Hello, this is a new server where I want active people to come play. I join other war thunder servers and they seem not to be very active. Everyone is welcome, anyone from any faction can come play :) We also have custom roles for BR ratings and such

A new server for new artists. We are trying to build a friendly, growing community!

666 discord server


Seeking a place to share your thoughts, creations, memes and p0rn? 666 is a brand new 18+ based server that is all about conversation, lewdness, community and much more! - We love talking, meming and really love just posting Kermit emotes.

A Roblox Developer Community