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An Animal Crossing server where we run 3 TI's, have daily giveaways, play games and have fun!

We are Samsara, an ancient clan that reveres the cycle of life and death. Join us and take you place in the karmic cycle!

we have weekly games on this server.You can win op prize like nitro

Fun Bots! (Dank memer, owo bot, etc) Come on! What are you waiting for? Join the community and have fun with everyone! free advertising , pokemon tips , minecraft ,and much more !

Hello! This server is for the gamers and chillaxers alike! We have plenty of channels for gamers to form groups and parties, while also allowing more relaxed members to have places to chat and have fun. It is an open server for everyone!

human omega verse rp - semi lit to novella

You can do whatever you want on this server.

Fun creative Discord lounge for Anime lovers and Gamers!

A place where people with ALL disabilities can come to hang out!

This server mainly focuses on the card game Yugioh, all simulators can be used. There are not a lot of people in the server right now but it would be cool to have people join

Hola, si vives en latino américa, vives en España o hablas español y quieres crear negocios , entra a esta comunidad.

Notre objectif ? Partager sur le thème de la nature et des sciences (Animaux, Médecine, Écologisme, ...). Ensemble, améliorons la vie de nos animaux et de nos plantes en découvrons le monde qui nous entoure !

Hallo, wir suchen Leute für unseren Overwatch-Discordserver Ein Server zum Unterhalten👋🏻, Chatten✍️ und zum Zocken🎮

This server is a roleplay server for the Roblox game "Ultimate Driving: Westover". Hope you all enjoy!

a place for low iq ppl to chill.

Our server HermesCraft is releasing soon. It is a skyblock server and have alot of custom plugins. Join discord server to stay tuned for release and you can also start getting rewards if you invite people to the discord server.