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We are a small server who wants to have fun and relax while talking about games and such.

BluePrints is a Server were you can get Discord Servers made for you. From time to time we offer giveaways for servers as well as cheap discounts. If you need a Discord Server made for you come join us.

☽DankyWanky☾ Simple fun meme server!! Have some memes you want to share or are looking for memes to share then you might want to join us! We have an abundance of memes and genres! Server lvls! Some roles! ☆Join us!.......we are desperate….☆

Server for anyone passionate about cartography and mapping, politics, and vexillology and flag creation. Engage in educational discourse about world topics, and find meet other people in the World Hub community who enjoy and appreciate your interests.

A Place to publish your island and tade are just chat and have fun.

Welcome to my server! I really want to get my server active so I can grow my name. I am known as a super underrated youtube streamer and youtuber. Please join my server and claim your OG Card!!!

Discord to post awesome PC builds, setups, gaming setups, help promote other streamers, looking to game with other people and have a good time.

We are a small advertising server with great potential. We like any kind of member as long as you follow the rules! :)

I'm an italian artist drawing in japanese style. In the server you will find my latest works, anime talks, off topic chat, games, art promoting and more!

If you would like to talk to people that like the same things as you well then, this is your place, this server reaches out to people who like to play games and likes to listen to music, any variety. Hope to see you soon!

A comfy server for weebs and gamers! Talk about anime, play a game with someone, make a friend, And more!

Super communita ktorá sa rada baví :)

Hey People! This is a server for fun and to have a nice community. Come on down to Apex Paradise and you can have it all. Tons of game channels, discord bots, a friendly community etc.

absolute chaos. there will be a channel for basically everything, if you want a channel added, ask :)) it's mostly not too serious but open to serious topics, READ THE RULES please!!

Hello all! Vocal Chords is a social-hangout group, dedicated to providing a place for all, to unwind and vibe with likeminded people. We do weekly movie nights as well as weekly karaoke nights. This is a great server to meet like-minded people and chill.

A place to chill out and have fun.