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A roleplay game in Roblox in Emergency Response Liberty County.

It's just an anarchy meme server.

This is a great place to talk to people about Anime/Gaming you can also chill and listen to music.

chill community with dank memer

This is the new Ocean SMP. The main plot of this server is we will be stranded on the middle of an island and we will honly have limited recourses. I think it will be fun and I’d like you to come along for the ride!

Aqua's Avenue is inspired by Aqua from Konosuba, which mostly revolves around the bot Karuta.

this server is for games, mostly .io games

The Spiderweb is a fun place to "get stuck"! There is a variety of interests with their own categories and channels, some of the most notable are anime and manga, video gaming, DnD, tabletop games, and art! All ages welcome! :)

We play games Have bots just join and see

A baby server all about Mark's, Jack's, and Ethan's egos...! We're all here to share our love for these YouTubers and the wonderful characters and stories they create.

Hello, If you are a epic gamer this server is for you! We talk about everything and nothing and everyone is welcomed! We are kind of new but I hope you will have fun! Giveaways coming soon, and of course we have reaction roles and bots!

Pokemon content? yes! (read long descriptions for more details.)

The perfect server for your art/anime/manga/gaming needs! Hope you join! <3

Come join us if you wanna vibe and chill with us or just basically meet new people and become friends. We don't bite dw. Various types of games are played too and many friendly people :).

A Dark Fantasy Gothic Apocalyptic RP Server set in a world that has ended after a cataclysmic event, come and help rebuild the ruined world

Neon Advertising® is a place where server owners can come and advertise their servers for FREE! We have lots of chats for members to interact and special roles/rewards for members who reach a certain rank. Come stop on bye and stay a while! See you soon.