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A Loomian Legacy server on which our main objective is to help new players out and be nice while having fun. We also host PvP events, Giveaways and more! Only join if you think you will be able to play somewhat regularly.

A brand new server looking for new members! The Local offers more than 40 self-assignable roles, with more to come, and channels to match!

We just started a server in our friend group! Join us and help us expand our empire!

*We Support PS4 Mod’s (games) – 1.76 to 5.05 – Partnership also with Gaming Mods * 750 Members and growing. * All Consoles supported - Switch, Xbox, Vita, PS3, PS2, PS1 * All Languages Supported to help out with any issues

A secret base full of activities related to the game of Pokémon, primarily the latest game. We offer self assignable roles. There will be tournaments and giveaways hosted in the future.

Weaving Magic into the Fabric of Reality, we're Pottercord! We're a social server dedicated to all Harry Potter fans out there. Come on in and chill out with us over a mug of Butterbeer.

Welcome to Quality, a place for people of all kinds to come and join. Feel free to invite all your friends to join.

This server is meant for Talking about Games and hanging out with one another this server is mainly meant for Talking and Streaming But I dont really care what you talk about Current Low Ranks: 😁=P4lace Noobie=😁 🤪+P4lace Memb3r+🤪 🤣-True Memb3r-🤣

A Runescape Private Server with spawning rights and focus on Pking!

Are you a student? Do you support Bernie Sanders? Then join Students for Bernie where we discuss the Progressive movement and host events!

We are a group of people who have fun and assist each other in whatever challenge is to come.When you join you can become a Goose, Duck, or even a Rat. They do not affect your status but rather give you a group of people in your liking. Like Harry Potter.

Seeking a place where you can feel safe and welcome? Temple of the Sun is all about creating a friendly community where people can come and relax without being judged! We have channels for gamers, anime lovers,and many more

Anime, Gaming, Memes, nsfw content, hentai, chatting and more!

Welcome to a a fantasy role playing server When a god named Zerrafell created the world, he felt that one of his creations, Humans were terrible. He decided to create a new world,a world without limits! You can be anything you can think of!

Desire is a low moderated, aesthetic and unique social server to make friends in!

A new CoD Mobile eSports team looking for new members!