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Do you like anime, gaming, or memes? Heck, are you part of the lgbtq? Come to the frogcult and make some friends

A server that contains a minecraft smp

A server made by girls and enbies of colour who want to make an inclusive safe space for people our age in the gaming community <33

Welcome to our Egg Community! We play VRChat together, having fun and making new friends! Come and join us you'll NOT regret it.

We are a wholesome anime server that would like to grow.our goal is to provide anime fans with a place they can call home

AVIA! is an animated, slice of life mini-series, following a group of friends with their mental and physical struggles with adulthood! We are looking for writers, animators, artists, composers, editors and voice actors!

We are an up and coming D&D server with multiple DM's, D&D Emoji's, Suggestion and Complaints channels, fun bots, helpful staff members, active members, and more. All are welcome!

Welcome, to the Matrix! We are a plot and story driven role-playing server. Set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction genre. Please read first #server-rules the go to #roleplay-rules.

Welcome to vibe, we are an all-inclusive, lgbtq-friendly server for anyone who likes art, anime, gaming, simply just chatting, we have many bots, unique channels and events, daily polls, movie nights, and more! We hope to see you there!

An awesome place for the open exchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs with a focus on a collaborative search for Truth.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS AND JUST GENERALLY COOL PEOPLE! This is EmilyHodgsonArt's personal art Discord server, where anyone can join to share art, give and receive critiques, and meet new friends! :D No prior experience necessary!

Welcome to BNHA Central! here you can interact with your favorite canon characters from My Hero Academia (or even be a canon character yourself if we don't have that character) and/or Roleplay as your very own OC in the universe.

Marvel Cinema New Age is a literate Marvel roleplaying server!

-----------------HERZLICH WILKOMMEN------------------ Du suchst die Bunte Mischung✨? Dann bist du bei uns Genau Richtig bei uns gibt es alles das das Herz Begehrt Filmeabende🎬, Gaming🎮, Anonymen Kummerkasten😢, Giveaways 🎉 Und vieles Mehr...❤️

Team Nation is a 1v1.lol Competitive team! We are looking to grow fast and get a goal of 1,000 members

Want to find your soulmate, or just want to find friends? Join Discord Dating Server!