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Welcome to Hangout Gang Our server contains a community of Malaysians What's unique with our server is it is bilingual which means we kinda have 2 main(mostly english) Our server have anime, gaming,minigames and more

Willing to get to know new people hang out talk and be friends not spamming or anything please and thank you

An aesthetic (gaming/anime/kpop) server to meet new people~πŸ’ž

Our server has a little but primarily focused on chatting but has a little bit of everything!

This is a "peaceful" server for just anyone who wants to vibe.

Welcome to Danganronpa: Faux Vies! A Discord Danganronpa Role-play! 14/16 spots are still available!

| Team ZNO is now recruiting! | | Created on September the 5th, 2021 | | Over 50 members in discord |

This is a server for fun, gaming and finding new friends. This is a worldwide sever. This is a server to finda teamate to play games with. You can play any games on this server. The best would be if you are 13+ years and from Europe.

Shoebox is trying to form a community of supportive, nontoxic, and respectful gamers who want a difference in the hate online and offline.

This is a simple but interesting space themed discord server! We enjoy hosting movie events, meeting new people, and being general nerds. Come stop by and meet us!

Chill server come hang out

A place for relaxing. Join for Among Us, Cards Against Humanity, and memes! We are just a small server to hang out and make friends.

Qt Kingdom is a sever that is available for everyone we have content such as nsfw and hentai and oh yea egirls ; )

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We are a Podcast of three cousins who discuss gaming, entertainment and our personal lives. This Discord is our hub to communicate with our audience and fans. Throughout the year we’ll have events and potential giveaways!