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This Discord server is where you can hang with friends and have fun with possible friends.

Hi. This server is a simple server for people who like countryballs. They can chat about anything they want, though.

This is a gaming community looking for members to join our friendly server!

Free speech haven, unpopular opinions welcome


We Are A Small Community Who Wish For Members Hope You Can Join! What We Need Server Boosters Responsible Staff Non Toxic Members Chat Mods

Hello, Welcome to Poggers, we talk about Games and Other stuff, We have 20+ Emojis/Emotes And 20 roles, We have Games VC and Text Channel About a lot of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Etc.... Join Today :D

you can join us or whatever 😏

A simple server with a community looking for cool people!

This server is mostly for people who watch anime but everyone 13+ is welcome.

Just a place where gamers can all hangout and relax

just a server full of nice and funny people, we're bored and we sometimes have voicechats. always playing around with bots and games, we all love each other here ^^ all just for fun

Shawtys Lobby! Here you can find free cold war xp lobbies to get level 1000 in minutes! We are also selling much stuff like Dark Aether, Calling Cards and Leaderboard Stats.

A discord server to notify users when the NVIDIA GPU, AMD CPU and GPU, XBOX, PS5, Monitors, and Oculus Quest 2 are in stock

Stay to chat about anime and discuss! We are on top of popular anime seasons. We also have interests in other areas like: Smash Bro, Genshin Impact, roleplay, and more!