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small female streamer trying to gain a platform

Just a small server that offers free coffee and Cookies!. Gamble here, Fish and Grow your money/bank account. ROLEPLAY. Please we desperately just need friends.

Hello there we are a discord server focused on GTA online and its glitches!! We have LFG channels, Bogdan chats, level system, a SHOP for ingame money, a cool custom channel layout, like 20 roles and much more!!!! Almost 300 members to!!

ㅗ *GOOSE GAMERS* ㅗ → small community for gaming → many giveaways big and small → boosting perks → all giveaways are no requirement → large category for self advertising 19 robux giveaway going on ( no req )

Memes 🔥 Bots 🐸 NSFW 🔞 Gaming 🎮 Spam 💣Chill 💖

Make friends, socialize, send memes, anime...other fun stuff. Be nice/friendly. Hoping to become a large family community server. 13+

a redirect sever to all of pinks severs

A giveaways server where you will get almost everything. All you have to do is invite and get rewards or join giveaways and win ultra giveaways. Games is usually given here even also minecraft! So why don’t you join now to get many invites. Join!

Tiktok community server.

The best accounts, boosting and modding services out here. 100% customer satisfaction.

This server is free for anyone to use !! It is a basic community type server that is used for creating friendships and gaming! A sub set of our sever is anime! Come clown around with us!

Woe unto you mortal for you have stumbled upon the gate to the abyss, can you survive the plagues of the void and embrace the darkness? Think it well mortal for The void is not a place for the weak of heart...

An art community for people to share art, stream, and draw together!

Hi, We're just a small hangout server. We have chill people a strong community, memes, games, and music bots. Occasionally we play games together or stream movies. We are still developing so we are looking for help or tips :)

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