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Long-Distance Lounge is a server for anyone who is in a long distance relationship (LDR), has been in one, or plans on being in one shortly. Make new friends with or ask advice from others in a LDR!

This is a chill server where you can talk post memes hang out and participate in events like becoming the sneksident (president) or vice sneksident

Minecraft Bedrock Survival Multiplayer (SMP) Very active. Simple Server. This is a realm. We have ranks such as. ||VIP|| ||MVP|| ||Elite|| ||MVP++|| ||God|| ||Donator|| (which is a role) Coming Soon: ||Server Booster|| (which is a role

This is my Discord server which I use for my Twitch and YouTube. Iā€™m a very small Minecraft streamer who hopes to grow one day!! :)

Greetings, are you looking for an awesome server? Look no further as this server is for you! We don't have alot of members so you can contribute to being a member! Share memes, convos, play together with others, much more!

This is a server where you can make friends, love and more. join and check us out hopefully we will see you very soon.

Are you a misfit? Don't know where to belong? Well, you'll fit in perfectly among other rejects join us and be the king of losers!

More Money Matters is an options trading community to help guide young ambitious traders who are ready to take the next step in their options trading journey in order to gain experience and meet the financial goals of their future.

An indie game studio server producing sim / tycoon games like. We need your feedback and comments, so join our Discord to create games with us!

Join our discord for tournaments. Make sure to enter and claim the jackpot. Show off your skills, get notice. Tournament platforms: PC/PS4/Xbox

Chat for gamers and members. PUBLIC!!!

Team Valor is a small gaming organisation that wants people to come together and have fun playing games.

AMONG PLAZA Ja nog zo n server... Nee niet anders dan de andere... Kom gewoon lekker spelen.

A Gaming Clan for all the PRO and NOOB gamers out there! Join for UNLIMITED FUN! Friendly community, giveaways and more!

A warm and welcoming D&D/Call of Cthulhu server. Come join and find games, resources, friends and more!

š“‚ƒćƒ» kuwaiis hub ! ā€¢ : cute fun bots and emojis ā€¢ : cute server layout ā€¢ : giveaways and gamenights (we play roblox, among us, etc...)