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8T8 server icon

Join our servers for free samples for music production,collabs in music, graphics,motion,etc Including gaming /fitness and fashion

8T8 15 members Join
☆ ° United K-Anime ° ☆ server icon
☆ ° United K-Anime ° ☆

This server contains both kpop, and anime! It is a hangout area for everyone, and we hope you enjoy your stay! Armies are welcome as well!

☆ ° United K-Anime ° ☆ 15 members Join
Firekeep Taven server icon
Firekeep Taven

A very chill server for you to come meet new friends, vibe to music, and find partners for roleplaying. Share your memes, share your dreams.

Firekeep Taven 16 members Join
🎃 𝙶 𝙰 𝙻 𝙰 𝚇 𝚈 ♡ server icon
🎃 𝙶 𝙰 𝙻 𝙰 𝚇 𝚈 ♡

𝙶 𝙰 𝙻 𝙰 𝚇 𝚈 ♡︎ - it's a big family! :з

🎃 𝙶 𝙰 𝙻 𝙰 𝚇 𝚈 ♡ 148 members Join
Mineblock SMP server icon
Mineblock SMP

This is a minecraft SMP server that you need to get whitelisted to get in but when ever you do get whitelisted you will probably have alot of fun

Mineblock SMP 69 members Join
BingBong server icon

We're a bunch of girls who like to play games or watching other people on the server play games. Everyone really sweet, join to see for yourself.

BingBong 21 members Join
Omni Hub server icon
Omni Hub

Fun server for people who want to play Among Us and get to know eachother key giveaways for those active!

Omni Hub 16 members Join
Aussie Yakuza server icon
Aussie Yakuza

Welcome! We're a small but growing server that has many members both male and female. We hope you join and enjoy your time here. We have people from all over the world here.

Aussie Yakuza 15 members Join
Discord-Arcade server icon

Small sever for now with just a bunch of friends, but looking to make a fun community for people to hang out with and make new friends. :)

Discord-Arcade 22 members Join
Countryball Server server icon
Countryball Server

Hi. This server is a simple server for people who like countryballs. They can chat about anything they want, though.

Countryball Server 7 members Join
Placing Blocks server icon
Placing Blocks

This is a discord where you can come into a fun community and share your work. - A Minecraft building discord! - Share! - Get Help! - Rank up! - Giveaways! Join for a epic experience!

Placing Blocks 21 members Join
Marketplace X server icon
Marketplace X

Buy/Sell/Trade services and accounts on any platform and also chill.

Marketplace X 136 members Join
Wholesomeness server icon

Just a place to talk and some cool emotes

Wholesomeness 162 members Join
REEEEE server icon

totally chill and sort of epic server with a buncha bots and interesting people. we have tons of things to do too Like making friend and something lol well have fun with server if you get bored

REEEEE 201 members Join
Da Hangout server icon
Da Hangout

A social hangout server for Australians, Amaricans and more. The server is chill, also for business, developers and tech.

Da Hangout 63 members Join
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