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A very new, friendly and hilarious server revolving around friendship, anime, gaming, and acting a fool. We love making new friends and we'd love to have you here in the home for everyone.

Are you looking for a chill server?!?!? Well we Have it. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

We are a new and up and coming Minecraft horse server with a special take on our world and how we run things!

Just have a fun time here! Chat online or just tell people you want to play a video game! This is a free recreation centre.

A discord that's filled with some cool people that play a multitude of games.

Crib Rebooted is a fun and social gaming and technology focused server. Join us and take part in the fun & look forward to upcoming events.

Hello, and welcome to the Lofi Corner! I can't wait to meet you. Love - Karma <3

This is a Discord server for a new Minecraft server and which you will get updates, announcements, fun prizes and special events that are happening on the Minecraft server It's free and anyone can joinπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€™πŸΌ

Come here to chill and practice

We are an international server with members all across the globe! We are a laidback community server always looking for partnerships to reach beyond Australia!

Ivy Clan is a gaming clan, we are hella active. Only join if your not a immature b1tch. In ivy clan we smoke the zaza while we play games like: COD, Among Us, Valorent, Fortnite and much more.

We are here for those who are looking for a good time with good and calming people who love s good match. And to train to perfect skills and bring out the most in people's potential and we won't stop till we do!

Just a little server i made

The purpouse of this server is to provide an outlet to vent your frustrations in a safe space where people with your same life experiences can provide you with reassurance and validation.

This is a server for drawing and gaming, and doing what you enjoy

Welcome to the unofficial official Genshin Impact EU discord server! The official discord server is floaded and it's hard to ask questions and get help or just find friends. Join a simple discord server for only EU players. We can help each other out.