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Want to chat with fellow Dragon Tamer members to work on projects to help other players? DTG is where we work on projects to help other Dragon Tamer players and hangout sometimes! We have a welcoming community and we would love to add you! (;

We're a small server dedicated to Britney Spears - her music, her performances, and her legacy.

Welcome to gamers only, here you can post and talk and maybe even play with other people

Vibe tribe is an server where you can meet other people and make new friends. CREATE YOUR OWN EVENTS, CONTESTES, WATCHING MOVIES,.... MEME CHANNELS - - - NSFW CHANNEL--- SELF PROMOTE CHANNEL--

We a fun community of gamers and anime lovers, who like to chill and hang out.

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Some things we have -Fun times to meet new people -13+ -Memes -Gaming -Well made server and roles

a chill place for furries, gamers, music lovers, anime lovers, mlp fans, memes, roleplay, meet ups, etc.!

Hello! this server is a hangout server and good for making friends, it was just recently made so you'll be expecting more features. If we get 100 members by the end of April I will do a 1m cash giveaway in dank memer coins, please join

Girls only server!

Find other PC Halo players to play with here! We focus on casual content like custom games!

A place for those with Mental health issues to gather and have fun.

We are a chill place with not a lot of rules. If you are looking for a place to hang out and have freedom, join us.

Hello! This server is made for the creation of characters!

We play fucking tekken and shit. We are true gamers.

Yoo Bros what up this is adios speaking and this is my server here you will found all sort of shit you desire especially BITCHES you know so what you waiting for join in.