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A Swedish community Discord server that is growing. !MOSTLY ACTIVE IN THE EVENING!

Kevin’s Space World is a small community server for all who want to join! If you want to join a fun server where you can connect with others as well as share your creations with the, this is the server for just that!

Gaming Community where we usually play games like Among Us, Call of Duty, Hearthstone and all kind. Helpful admins and mods all around.

This Server is the perfect place to meet AI enthusiasts and Experts just like you... Looking forward to meet you here!!!

here we make giveaways and trades in rocket league giveaways free to enter :D

The rave is a server where you can do anything, there are no rules, there are no limits, anything is possible. you can just vibe, listen to music, play games, make friends. its a fun open community

All gamers welcome to find new friends to play with and promote your streams. All platforms allowed.

A lovely anime & gaming community! Join us and discuss about anime, games or just how you've been.


Welcome to Furtasia, A community for anyfur of any age! An active and friendly community with a team of experienced mods. This server offers something for everyone and is always looking for new ideas. We hope you enjoy your stay in furtasia

We are a small community but a great one! I hope you join this to chat with gamers just like you!

A Fun Server with semi-active members for lot's of fun!

Warface Battlepass Server where we help each others to finish our task.

Socialize, teamup and get wins in BedWars with our BedWars community.

**" H A N g O U T "** a c o o l p l a c e t o **h a n g o u t** . . . m a k e n e w **f r i e n d s** ! ● NEW COMMUNITY ● GIVEAWAYS & REWARDS ● MOVIE NIGHTS ● ADS & PARTNERS ● FRIENDLY ● LIFESTYLE

This is a new bhop server (Mainly for swedish people), you are welcome to join our discord and wait for the server to open!