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Gaming Community! :::Active staff :::Bots :::Music :::Constant updates :::Open Minecraft server :::Artworks :::Friendly people

This is a wonderful server full of nsfw lewdness for our fellow otakus and weebs. There’s a lot to do there, as it is a community for weebs, gamers, shitposters, and anyone that is fun and not easily offended.

Are you a Canadian young adult(18+) searching for a place where you can just be yourself and make new friends? Do you want to be in a lgbt-friendly environment? Do you want to talk about anime and post edgy memes, you should join the Maple Lounge!

Perfect for LGBTQ+ members looking for friends Friendly staff and enviroment, and Amazing members. We hope to see you soon

The Eclipse is a No Man's Sky Hub that unites everyone from Bounty Hunters to Explorers. Together we will build a name for our origination in the No Man's Sky community. We will own every industry and we claim territory all over the universe!

Join the YARD Discord Server! Reggae videos updates and more

All ages Mixed-genre village Roleplay server geared toward those with a busy lifestyle. A few posts a day or few days is all it takes to be successful in our server.

BDSM Auction Server with a focus on learning and growing through short term D/s dynamics. Ages 25+, live face pics required for age verification only. Careful screening for the safety of all members.

In this server you can easily purchase Photoshop services for things like Thumbnails, Logos, and more!

We are The Dreaded Few. A place for outcasts, rebels, anarchists, and just general music lovers. This Discord’s focus is to bring lovers of Rock music together and form a community. Bond over your love of your favorite bands while having fun.

Welcome to Hakuna: A place to share thoughts, ideas and chill out after those maths questions. We welcome everyone (13+) to join in and make new friends while competing with the entertaining bots! We are growing fast and are open to all suggestions!

Rihimihi is a fun friendly server for everyone(Especially for Weeb and Gamers).

place to find peeps like you basically.

The Expanse is an up and coming ocean-themed server for people over 30.


We're a server with plenty to offer like different channels and bots you can play around with. Feel free to join!