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The Leftists of Tomorrow was created to communicate, socialize, educate, and learn with members of like-minded ideologies. Although this server is mainly for leftists and teaching others about the left/far-left, we're open to centrists and liberals.

Club Ice is a multi-purpose discord community server made for everyone to hang out in and have some fun. We are hoping to make the community be one of the best and one of the safest places for people to be in!

Looking for a fun, active server? wholesome, and funny community? Well, you've found the place! come and join us on our many adventures!

here is a quick sum up of why you should join my server. we are nice, and we have cool features like a lot of bots, we play games with you, you can promote your twitch and other stuff and we do some giveaways. I hope you join this server.

This server has the best community. We have daily chats and give out advice to smaller streamers and help them. Also, you can see when I go live and can tune into the stream and keep up to date with news!

We are a community who on a whole play a wide range of games across all platforms. We are building a media division to help the future stars gain popularity with some guidance.

A place where everyone can have fun and a good time. Join the community/family and make new friends! Play games together! Share memes! Listen to music with people around the world! Just chill! The possibilities are endless. Join now! We welcome you! 🌸

Sumi's House - The Hangout is a wild, fun, new server for making friends.

A language learning server with 20 languages available, the continuation of the original LLDC.

Scandi Isle is based around The Isle (Evrima). A high end dino game where you can play as various dinos. Explore open plains, swamps and massive forests. You'll never know what is lurking around the next bush. Make sure that you always keep an eye open!

🚨- CURRENTLY 100% FREE 💫 - We offer all of the tools for members regarding new sneaker & streetwear releases & free bot services so you can cook all drops! Resell info, Sports Bets, Investing Tips & so much more is included! 🌟 JOIN TODAY & GET Ws 🌟

Hey you! Welcome to Chill Lounge probably the best server you'll ever join with a super loving and welcoming community and where you'll form amazing friendships! (the owner is a really chill open minded 21yo who's always active) Join the fun!!

A server for fans of 7 Days to Die

Welcome to the official discord server discord bot "Captain Hook"! Surely you have not just visited us, apparently you have any problems using our bot? We will help solve your problems, be patient. We hope for your adequate behavior and honesty.

Hello there! First and foremost, thank you for taking time out of your day to read about us! We’re an organized community that looks to provide a friendly environment for everyone. We work diligently to provide a safe, and friendly environment for all

kitty corner A gaming community, social, cat themed space and an sfw lgbtq+ pawsitive environment! This server features daily activities, contests, events, giveaways & several bots! Come join our friendly litter now!